Public Affairs & Marketing

The Office of Public Affairs & Marketing provides residents and business owners with important information about the City, including programs, services, events, and emergency notifications. 
Our experienced team of public affairs professionals is dedicated to serving Hollywood residents and enhancing the City’s image through:
Community Outreach Initiatives
Effective Media Relations
City Website and Social Media
Video Production Services

News Conferences

The Office of Public Affairs & Marketing holds news conferences on City issues, programs, and events; issues news releases and public advisories; and works with media members and other government and private sector public affairs representatives.

Public Affairs also is responsible for producing or reviewing all City publications and brochures, including the New Horizons quarterly newsletter.

Broadcast Coverage of Events

The office’s Video Production and Broadcast Services Unit provides live cable television coverage of City Commission meetings, workshops, and Community Redevelopment Agency meetings.

The Public Affairs team also handles film permit requests in the City of Hollywood.

Social Media Use Policy