For Retirees

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Letter to Retired Non-Represented Hired Prior to 10.01.2002 and After 10.01.2002 - 4.06.2016 ONLY

re: City of Hollywood Retiree Open Enrollment Information Packet - REVISED

October 29, 2019

Good news!  As a retiree of the City of Hollywood, you recently received a packet of information regarding 2020 Open Enrollment in early October.  After the packet was released, the City management has decided to lower the OAPIN medical premium rates for retirees and their dependents in the following classification for 2020:

Retired Non-Represented (Sr. Exec/Exec/Mgmt/Conf/Tech): Hired prior to 10-01-2002”

Retired Non-Represented (Sr. Exec/Exec/Mgmt/Conf/Tech): Hired after 10-01-2002 and prior to 4.06.2016”

Please note that the OAP rates for this classification will remain the same as what was originally stated.  For most classes, contributions are based on agreed upon contracts, for others, the City has discretion.  Please refer to the new rates below and the revised rate sheets included in this mailing.   

Retired Non-Represented (Sr. Exec/Exec/Mgmt/Conf/Tech): Hired prior to 10-01-2002:

   Original  NEW  No Change
   2020 Cigna OAPIN  2020 Cigna OAPIN  2020 Cigna OAP
   Retiree/Month  Retiree/Month  Retiree/Month
 Retiree Only  $0.00  $0.00  $158.62
 Retiree +1  $710.07  $0.00  $951.69
 Retiree +2 or More  $1,562.13  $0.00  $1,903.35

Retired Non-Represented (Sr. Exec/Exec/Mgmt/Conf/Tech): Hired after 10-01-2002 but prior to 4.06.2016:


 Original  NEW  No Change
   2020 Cigna OAPIN  2020 Cigna OAPIN  2020 Cigna OAP
   Retiree/Month  Retiree/Month  Retiree/Month
 Retiree Only  $0.00  $0.00  $158.62
 Retiree +1  $710.07  $71.01  $951.69
 Retiree +2 or More  $1,562.13  $156.21  $1,903.35

If you require additional information, please contact the Gehring Group at the 561.626.6797.  We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


The Gehring Group


2020 Open Enrollment for Retirees:
October 29 through November 26, 2019*

*BenTek opens November 12 through November 26, 2019 at 6pm

 We are pleased to announce that the City of Hollywood's 2020 Open Enrollment period will begin on October 29, 2019 and end on November 26, 2019.

We have improved our enrollment process by going online!  Beginning November 12, 2019, if you would like to make changes to your benefits, you may do so by visiting BenTek, our online benefits portal, at to make any changes to your benefits and/or update your beneficiaries.  For technical support, you may dial 1.888.523.6835. 

Please note: If you are not currently participating in the City's medical, dental or life insurance plans, you may not elect to begin coverage at this time.  However, you may enroll in vision and legal coverages at this time, even if you are not currently participating.

Important: If you intend to add any dependents, you must provide proper documentation to Human Resources. Enrollment cannot be processed without documentation proving a legal relationship/dependency.  Proper documentation includes birth certificates, marriage/divorce certificates, court orders, social security cards, and dates of birth.  Proper documentation must be received in Human Resources by Wednesday, November 21, 2019 at 5:59 PM, in order for dependents to be added.  Properly documented additions will be effective January 1, 2020.

 ***If you do not wish to make any changes for 2020, NO ACTION IS NECESSARY. ***

Cigna is the City of Hollywood's Plan Administrator for Medical and Dental benefits.  The Summary Plan Descriptions along with the Retiree Benefits Booklet will be made available on-line via the BenTek website and delivered by USPS mail.  Additional copies are available upon request. For coverage and network questions, please call Cigna's dedicated Customer Service Hotline, 24/7: 1.800.564.7642.  You may also contact the Gehring Group, the City's benefit consultant and your insurance advocate at 1.800.244.3696.  In addition, the Office of Human Resources is available to answer your insurance questions. You may contact us at 954.921.3216. Please keep in mind that online enrollment must be completed in BenTek at by 5:59 PM on November 26, 2019, for an effective date of January 1, 2020. 

If you do not have access to a computer, you may complete the paper enrollment forms included in the Open Enrollment Packet that was mailed to you. Paper enrollment forms must be received in Human Resources by November 26, 2019. 

Open Enrollment Supplemental Material available upon request:

  • 2020 Retiree Benefit Highlights Booklet and Rates
  • Schedule of BenTek Enrollment Presentations & Labs
  • Open Enrollment 2020 BenTek Flyer
  • Medical/Dental Enrollment Form
  • Vision Enrollment Form
  • Preferred Legal Enrollment Form
  • Carrier Contact Sheet
  • Cigna's Telehealth Flyer
  • Cigna's Care Designation Flyer
  • Cigna's 90 Day Now Prescription Program
  • Cigna Summary of Benefits & Coverages for OAP and OAPIN
  • Medicare Part D Annual Notice

Medical, Dental, Vision, Legal and Life Insurance Benefits

Medical Insurance

The City of Hollywood offers retired employees and eligible dependents PPO Medical insurance coverage through Cigna.  
Retirees have the option of enrolling into one of two (2) plans:  

  • Open Access Plus In-Network (OAPIN)
  • Open Access Plus (OAP)

Dental Plans

The City of Hollywood offers retired employees and eligible dependents PPO Dental insurance coverage through Cigna. Retirees have the option of enrolling into one of three (3) plans:

  • DPPO LOW Plan, which provides a $1,000 maximum benefit per year/per person
  • DPPO HIGH Plan, which provides for $2,000 maximum benefit per year/per person
  • DPPO BUY UP Plan, which provides for $3,000 maximum benefit per year/per person

Cigna Medical and Dental Services

Click  here  for directories for hospitals, clinics and medical groups to include urgent care centers, medical health services, specialty facilities for ambulatory surgical centers, clinical labs, dialysis, independent diagnostic testing facilities, physical therapy centers, rehabilitation facilities and skilled nursing facilities, other providers for advanced registered nurse practitioners, home health agencies, medical equipment and supplies, nurse midwives, and prosthetic/orthotic suppliers; and physicians not listed in the traditional network.

Links to Cigna Websites - This site provides helpful information and tips on health and wellness issues and provides a forum to have general questions answered. - This is an online member self-service website you can access to review your benefits and check your claims.


VSP (Vision Services Provider) is an online based provider and does not provide ID cards. Employees can log on to to search for providers, view benefits and print ID Cards. Your social security number is your member ID. Retirees have the option of enrolling into one of three (3) plans.  Note that Option 3 offers a signature network with no change in premium.


Retiree Life Insurance

The City offers a $5,000 Life Insurance policy to retired employees for $15 per month as administered by Symetra. This amount cannot be increased and there is no offering for dependent life insurance at this time.  You may visit for more information.

Symetra's Beneficiary updates can be made anytime throughout the year - online in BenTek ( or you may fill out the Beneficiary Designation* form return to the Office of Human Resources. You may request a copy of the Symetra Beneficiary Designation Form by contacting 954.921.3216.

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Symetra's Beneficiary Designation form is for Symetra Retiree Life Insurance only.  If you wish to update your Beneficiary with your Pension Plan, please contact your Pension Administrator.

Preferred Legal Plan

The City offers retired employees a Prepaid Legal Benefit as administered by Preferred Legal Plan, a local City of Hollywood organization.  Preferred Legal is a licensed legal expense organization that provides its members with full service and representation on all types of legal services for an affordable price of $9.95, including eligible dependents.  Types of services include:

  • Divorce
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Estate Planning
  • Bankruptcy
  • DUI
  • Immigration
  • Criminial Defense and more.

Preferred Legal Plan partners with IdentityWorks to provide identity theft protection and credit monitoring services at a low cost fee of $9.00 per person.

For more information on the Legal Plan or IdentityWorks Plan, contact Preferred Legal Plan toll-free at 888.577.3476 or visit


​Contact Information

For questions regarding Medical and Dental plan services, please contact Cigna's customer service @ 1.800.244.6224 (800 CIGNA24) or log in to

For questions regarding Vision services, please contact VSP customer service @ 1.800.877.7195.

For questions regarding Life Insurance benefits, please contact Symetra @ 1.800.796.3872.

For questions regarding Legal or ID Monitoring services, please contact Preferred Legal Plan @ 1.888.577.3476.

Please contact the Office of Human Resources at 954.921.3216 if you have questions or requests regarding:

  • Eligibility
  • Copies of Summary of Benefits for any of the offerings
  • Copies of Enrollment Forms 
  • Copies of Supplemental Information