Ocean Friendly Restaurants

Tools for restaurants seeking Ocean Friendly certification.

Alternatives to Expanded Polystyrene

When ordering products, look for those that would biodegrade in the Marine environment.  Examples of commonly available materials are bagasse, wheat straw, and fiber. Avoid hard plastics that are recyclable but may not be accepted curbside or which would not biodegrade in the marine environment, including compostable plastics. The City of Miami Beach website provides a guide to alternative materials.

Proper Recycling Practices

The City of Hollywood requires all commercial establishments to recycle. To learn more about the City's requirements and get guidance on setting up a commercial recycling program, visit the Public Works webpage. 

Sustainable Seafood

The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program helps restaurants and consumers choose seafood farmed or fished in such a way that have less impact to the environment. 

The Marine Stewardship Council provides certification for Sustainable Seafood.  

Water Conservation Efforts

The City of Hollywood offers several rebates and exchanges to encourage water conservation. Learn more on the Public Utilities webpage.

The EPA's Water Sense program also offers recommendations for saving water in restaurants. 

Energy Efficiency and Lighting

The EPA's Energy Star program provides guidance on energy efficient products and building.  The City of Hollywood's Sustainability page provides an overview of available efficiency rebates and credits. 

Chapter 108 of the City's Code of Ordinances outlines the requirements for Turtle Lighting in the City of Hollywood.

The International Dark-Sky Association  provides guidance on energy efficient and natural night sky friendly external fixtures.