Hurricane Irma Storm Debris Clean-Up


City-wide alley collections for Garbage and Recycling has resumed as of Monday, November 13, 2017. 

The first pass through the City is now complete and the second, and final pass is now underway. Storm debris removal contractors continue to pick up debris in every area of the City seven days a week from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. in an effort to remove the estimated 350,000 to 400,000 cubic yards of debris generated by Hurricane Irma. The graph below provides a weekly status report of debris removal. Information will be updated each week.  

Weekly Status Report: Hurricane Irma Storm Debris Removal

11/21/17               19                    8                 302,000                350,000-400,000

Click the icon at the right to learn more on the storm debris collection status and recovery progress in your neighborhood zone. This map will be updated on a weekly basis.  

Collection Guidelines


The City’s garbage contractor, WastePro, continues on the normal garbage collection schedule. As of Monday, November 13th alley collections have resumed for those customers who have service alleys. If you have an alley, please place your carts out for collection in the alley.


Recycling collections continue on the normal collection schedule. As of Monday, November 13th alley collections have resumed for those customers who have service alleys. Please place only recyclable material in your blue recycling cart and place your cart in your alley for collection.


Commingled collections have resumed in the City of Hollywood. Waste Pro crews are currently operating within the City and are collecting commingled items as part of the storm debris recovery process. Due to the excessive amount of debris, commingled collections are not following the regular weekly collection schedule found under normal conditions. Residents choosing to place commingled items out for collection may do so, however those items could remain curbside for an extended period of time while crews continue to work on additional collections. All commingled items must be placed curbside and away from existing storm debris piles. While still on a modified schedule, commingled collection are taking place in the alley for those customers who have alleyways. The regular, weekly commingled collection service is anticipated to resume in the very near future.     


Crews are making the final pass through the City to collect all remaining Hurricane Irma storm debris. The deadline to place Hurricane Irma storm debris curbside has passed.   


Please do not park your vehicle near your debris pile. Crews operating heavy equipment need space to maneuver during the removal process. Please park your vehicle away from the pile to allow for easier access.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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