Neighborhood Pride Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program

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Financial assistance to support rehabilitation of owner-occupied homes is now available. 

The Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program provides funding to be used for exterior only housing rehabilitation improvements.  Funding may be used to pay for labor, materials, and other related delivery costs incurred to improve the exterior appearance of a single family housing unit within the LMI Area defined in the ILA. These improvements must relate to the repair or replacement of the components listed below, along with any ancillary components necessary to accomplish the project.

  • Roof
  • Exterior paint
  • Fences
  • Driveway, public sidewalks and private walk-ways
  • Irrigation system
  • Landscaping, including sod and tree trimming/removal/installation
  • Impact-resistant windows or shutter system, and doors, including garage door
  • Security lighting

Applicant Eligibility  

  • Applicant(s) must meet the applicable income eligibility requirements of a maximum household income level of at or below 120% of AMI, adjusted for family size.
Number of Persons in Household
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
120% AMI
80,640 92,160 103,680 115,200 124,440 133,680 142,920 152,160

  • All Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program applicants shall participate in a pre-qualification review which includes the submission of all documents necessary to establish eligibility and participate in the program.
  • Applicant(s) must not be anticipating nor involved in any bankruptcy or foreclosure action during any stage of the process.
  • Applicant(s) must be a United States Citizen or legal resident, shall own and occupy the property, and shall comply with all program terms and conditions.
  • Applicant(s) must be current on all secured mortgage(s), and property taxes at the time of application.

Property Eligibility

  • Owner-occupied, detached, single family homes, townhomes, and condominiums are eligible properties types. Mobile homes, multiple dwelling units, co-operatives and properties utilized or advertised as short-term rentals or vacation rentals are not eligible.
  • The property in need of repair must be located within the LMI Areas defined in the ILA.
  • Eligible properties shall have been granted Homestead Exemption from the Broward County Property Appraisers Office, or the owner shall have applied for exemption.  
  • The property shall conform to the City of Hollywood’s Zoning and Land Development Regulations regarding the use and density permitted.
  • If the property does not meet the Standards for Owner-Occupied Rehabilitation, the proposed improvements shall bring the property into compliance with the standards, either through the use of CCF funds, or a combination of CCF funds and other resources.
  • The maximum amount of financial assistance for eligible repair items shall not exceed $40,000.00 per unit.

Financial Terms

  • Financial assistance will be provided in the form of a Conditional Grant requiring the beneficiary to maintain the home as an affordable unit for a period of not less than 10 years. The 10-year Affordability Period shall be secured by a Declaration of Restrictive Covenants, City Lien, Personal Guarantee, or other acceptable form of security instrument.
  • The amount of the City Lien due at the end of the Affordability Period, or at such time the beneficiary seeks satisfaction of the City Lien, shall reflect an annual reduction of 1/10th of the City’s total investment.
  • If the home is sold, rented, ceases to be the primary residence of the beneficiary, or is transferred or conveyed by any other means during the Affordability Period, the City Lien shall be immediately due and payable, with the amount due reflecting an annual reduction of 1/10th of the City’s total investment beginning on the date the conditional grant was issued and ending on the date the status of the property changed.
  • Homeowners shall maintain the property in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations in order to prevent waste, impairment or deterioration.

To apply for the Neighborhood Pride Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program, make sure to read all of the steps included in the instructions panel. Use the "Property Search Tool" by typing in your House Number and Street Name (do not include references such as Street, Boulevard, Avenue, etc.) To proceed click here.

For more information about this program, contact the Community Development Division at 954.921.3271.