Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program

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The Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program was designed by the City to work cooperatively with Neighborhood/Civic Associations to identify capital improvement and beautification projects that enhance the safety or aesthetic appearance of LMI neighborhoods, compliments other City initiatives and encourages community involvement. 

The goal of the Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program is to fund capital improvement and beautification projects that enhance the safety or aesthetic appeal of Low- and Moderate Income (LMI) Neighborhoods.

The maximum amount of funding available in this program is $13,000.00 per project. There is a limit of one project per neighborhood.

Only the listed neighborhood/civic associations are eligible to participate in this program. If you are interested in this program, please reach out to your respective eligible neighborhood/civic association.




441 Corridor

Beverly Park Civic Association

Beverly Park

Boulevard Heights Neighborhood Association

Boulevard Heights

Driftwood Civic Association


Highland Gardens Civic Association, United Neighbors of South Hollywood

Highland Gardens

Hollywood Gardens West Civic Association

Hollywood Gardens West

Hollywood Hills Civic Association

Hollywood Hills

Hollywood Lakes Civic Association

Hollywood Lakes

Lawn Acres Civic Association

Lawn Acres

Liberia Civic Association


North Central Civic Association

North Central

Park East Civic Association

Park East

Park Side Civic Association

Park Side

Playland Estates Civic Association

Playland Estates

Downtown Parkside Royal Poinciana Civic Association

Downtown, Parkside, and Royal Poinciana

Washington Park Homeowners Association

Washington Park

If you wish to participate in this program, please contact your neighborhood/civic association. You may find contact information at
 Neighborhood Associations.
Please click the following links for more information about the program:

NCIP Policies and Application Packet

NCIP Technical Assistance Workshop- Presentation

Please click the following link to view Hollywood's LMI Map.

For more information on the Neighborhood Capital Improvement Program, please contact Donna Biederman, Community Development Coordinator, at 954.921.3271.