Special Event Permitting

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Special Event within the City of Hollywood.

The application fee is as follows:

90+ days prior to event date

  • $341.33 ($319.00 + $22.33 tax)
  • $223.30 Non-Profit + tax exempt
  • $341.33 Non-Profit + tax ($223.30 + $15.61 tax)

45-89 days prior to event date

  • $483.64 ($452.00 + $31.64 tax)
  • $316.40 Non-Profit
  • $338.55 Non-Profit + tax ($316.40 + $22.15 tax)

30-44 days prior to event date

  • $625.95 ($585.00 + $40.95 tax)
  • $409.50 Non-Profit
  • $438.17 Non-Profit + tax ($409.50 + $28.67 tax)

Non-profit organizations must submit a copy of the 501(c) (3) and/or a State of Florida Tax Exempt Certificate with the application to receive the 30% discount. If the non-profit organization is not tax exempt, proof of non-profit status must be provided in order to receive the non-profit discounted rate; taxes will apply.

Please take the time to read the following procedure to successfully obtain a Special Event Permit.

  • (For special events requesting the use of ArtsPark @ Young Circle, prior to submitting your application, please review the following; Schedule of Fees)
  1. New applicants must create at an account in the ACTIVE Network using the following link: Create Account. Returning applicants may proceed to the next step.
  2. Applicants may begin the application process by making a reservation for the appropriate event type and event site. For your convenience you may use one of the following links to select a popular event type:

    If your event type is not listed above, you may search within the system for your desired type and site or contact the Special Events Division guidance.

  3. Once the reservation is complete, the Special Events Division will review the submission, request additional documentation, and allow for payment of the application fee to move the application forward for interdepartmental review.
  4.  Affected Departments shall review the application, endorse their comments thereon and return them to the Special Events Division.
  5. The Special Events Division, in consultation with the affected Departments, will impose any necessary restrictions, conditions and/or fees to be assessed in accordance with public safety, environmental and administrative considerations involved in the application and will deliver an agreement to the applicant.
  6. If the applicant accepts the terms and conditions of the agreement by signing and returning it to the Special Events Division, a final Special Event Permit will be issued once all necessary documents and fees are received and inspections and safety/security details (if applicable) have been scheduled.

The City of Hollywood is committed to reducing environmental impacts by becoming more sustainable. One step the City has taken in achieving this goal is to ban the use of single-use plastics and nonbiodegradable containers made from plastic and polystyrene foam on Hollywood Beach and at all City-owned facilities, parks and permitted events.

Special Event organizers may use the following link to source responsible products: Debris Free Oceans

Utilize Broward County’s Carbon Offset Calculator to calculate the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases generated from your event based on transportation, electricity usage and food production: Carbon Offset Calculator