Records & Archives

Responsibilities & Services

The Office of the City Clerk, Records and Archives Division is charged with preserving the photographic and documentary history of Hollywood and is also responsible for the city's records management program.

Among our duties:
  • Collecting and making available historical photographs and documents that broaden the understanding of Hollywood's history.
  • Maintaining an active records management program and providing for off-site storage of records as required by Florida law.
  • Operating and staffing the city's central mail room, providing daily and bulk mail services to city staff.
  • Providing research services for non-current building plans and permits.

Pictorial Collections

Beginning in 1921, thousands of images in the photographic and postcard collections document Hollywood's transformation from a wilderness coastline into a vacation resort and year-round community. Hollywood's architectural heritage features in the many photos of hotels, residences, commercial and public buildings from the Land Boom Era of the 1920’s to the present. Search our collection of photos of people, places, and events that trace the history, activities, and culture of the city.

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Local Government Records

The archives' largest holdings preserve Hollywood’s municipal government's history. These materials provide information on the functions and activities of the various city agencies and officials, from Hollywood's incorporation in 1925 to the present day. 

Property Records

Some Building plans, site plans, and permit histories are available from the Archives beginning in 1949 toward the present. These records are useful tools for researching residential and commercial properties, and are often required for new permits; they may show who built the structure and when, architect, dimensions, elevations, structural, plumbing and electrical information, location of septic tanks, and any alterations. 

Donated Collections

A variety of materials have been donated to the Archives from families of Hollywood pioneers, and others active in the city’s development, social, business, cultural, and civic life. Photographs and a variety of different kinds of records have been kept separate in these collections which help document Hollywood’s beginnings and growth.

Printed Materials Collection

These are publications, reports, pamphlets, serials, and other materials created for distribution, pertaining to the City of Hollywood from the 1920’s to the present. They include government records, community newsletters, other organizations, Broward County and Port Everglades, local newspapers and magazines.

This collection is a rich resource for examining Hollywood’s history, government, development, cultural and recreational activities, and tourism.

Maps & Plans

The Archives maintains a considerable number of maps and architectural plans illustrating the development of Hollywood and Port Everglades. Included are 1920’s maps showing lots, plats, and subdivisions, and the Hunter and Rubush Collection of plans for early Hollywood buildings and homes.

Most of the items are originals, except a copy of 1926 Sanborn fire insurance maps obtained to assist research on early Hollywood.