Procurement and Contract Compliance


Procurement and Contract Compliance is a department of the City of Hollywood. The Procurement Office is dedicated to providing quality support to City of Hollywood departments and suppliers. Our goal is to make the best investment of public resources through the proper purchase of goods, materials and services at the best value, consistent with the quality needed to provide the best service to Hollywood residents and visitors.

We strive to maintain the highest ethical and legal standards to ensure a fair, transparent and progressive procurement process. We remain flexible and innovative in our approach to purchasing through best practice purchasing methods that promote cost savings and improve operational efficiency. 

Additionally, Procurement Office is responsible for the distribution, sale and/or disposal of surplus goods and materials.

We welcome future business opportunities with those who desire to become part of our growing vendor community. 



Read the OpenGov Case Study on how the City's Office of Procurement and Contract Compliance is reducing evaluation time by two weeks & reducing paper waste.