Beach Safety Tips


In 1994, Beach Safety put a flag warning system into effect. This color-coded public information system depicts daily water conditions and hazards by displaying colored / numbered flags. Informational signs posted on the back of all lifeguard towers and first-aid stations assist the public with an explanation of the color-coded system.

Flags will be changed throughout the day when conditions warrant.
Beach Warning flags

Flag Colors

  • Double-Red Flag - Water and/or beach closed to public.
  • Red Flag - High Hazard. Dangerous rip currents / surf conditions. Avoid entering the water.
  • Yellow Flag - Medium Hazard with moderate rip currents / surf conditions. Use extra care.
  • Green Flag - Low Hazard with possibility of larger waves and rip currents. Exercise normal care.
  • Purple Flag - Dangerous marine life present (jellyfish, man-of-wars, and/or sea lice). This flag may accompany any of the other flags.