Inspections & Permitting


The Florida Fire Prevention Code mandates certain occupancies be inspected for compliance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code. The Division of Fire Prevention and Life Safety conducts fire safety inspections of buildings, structures, premises, processes, and/or operations for the purpose of correcting any condition that is liable to cause a fire or is a violation of the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

All fire prevention officers are in uniform and carry identification.

What Permits Are Required & How to Obtain Them

Due to the potential for certain activities and/or processes to create a dangerous condition a permit is required prior to performing those activities or processes.

The following are examples of activities requiring a permit.
  • Carnivals
  • Explosives
  • Festival Cooking
  • Festival Vendors
  • Fireworks - Sparklers / Novelty Sales and Displays
  • Hazardous Materials / Processes
  • Hotwork - Use of Torch and Open Flames
  • Indoor Large Assembly Events
  • Open Burning - Land Clearing, Bonfires and Celebrations, and Campfires
  • Portable Fueling - Boats
  • Special Events

Any additional questions about inspections and permitting can be referred to the Division of Fire Prevention and Life Safety at 954.967.4404.