The city has a Commission-Manager form of government. The City Commission is a legislative body that governs Hollywood and has a fiduciary responsibility to its residents. As set by the City Charter, the Commission is made up of an executive at-large Mayor and six representatives who are popularly elected to four-year terms.

Each Commissioner is elected from a single-member Geographical District that is determined by population based on U.S. Census statistics. Annually, commission members appoint a Vice Mayor from commission members.

City Commission Responsibilities

The Commission meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month to:
  • Approve employees bargaining unit contracts, property building codes and zoning changes
  • Confirm city executive appointments, including the City Attorney and City Manager
  • Discuss issues and programs affecting Hollywood
  • Listen to constituents’ concerns
  • Pass an annual city budget
  • Propose and implement ordinances
  • Recognize residents, city employees, businesses and organizations

The Commission serves as the Board of Commissioners of the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) and appoints an executive director for the Downtown and Beach CRA districts and the CRA General Counsel.

City Manager

As Hollywood’s chief administrative official, the City Manager provides the primary source of leadership to the administration and staff. The manager directs the operation of all municipal and city department functions, ensures the city is operating in an efficient and fiscally sound manner.

The manager also is responsible for presenting the commission with an annual budget, and assists the commission with establishing long-term goals, developing policy proposals and program alternatives.
The Assistant City Managers and Executive/Management team help lead the city's more than 1,500 full and part time employees.