Crime Mapping

Crime Mapping

is an interactive crime statistic mapping program that allows the user to search the City of Hollywood by address or type of crimes that have occurred within a selected time frame.

The Hollywood Police Department is providing crime information to the public through this website. This data is based on preliminary incident information and has not been verified or subjected to investigative review and processes which may result in a change in the final crime disposition and/or classification. Additionally, not all incidents may be depicted within the default time frame due to initial reporting processes, but may be available at a later date utilizing the search function.

The data is available by crime type, time period and specific geographic boundaries. The data is updated every day. Multiple incidents at one location may be illustrated by a single icon. All data visualizations are approximate. Based on your query, you will be able to produce maps and/or reports.

The Hollywood Police Department makes no guarantee, expressed or implied, about the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of the information. Additionally, the Department makes no representations or warranties of a particular location's safety.

To view historical UCR crime statistics, please visit Florida Department of Law Enforcement.