New Horizons

The Office of Communications, Marketing and Economic Development oversees the production of City publications, including the New Horizons quarterly newsletter and Hollywood’s annual hurricane preparedness guide. All documents are viewable using Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

Download the latest edition of the newsletter by clicking on the image below.

New Horizons August 2018
                            August - October 2018

2018 Editions

New Horizons January 2018 cover - web
New Horizons April 2018 cover-web
New Horizons August 2018 cover-web

           January - March                                           May - June                                           August - October                             

2017 Editions

Hollywood New Horizons Jan 2017 cover
New Horizons April 2017 cover web
New Horizons July2017 cover for web
New Horizons Oct 2017 cover for web

          January - March                               April - June                                    July - September                     October - December

2016 Editions

New Horizons March 2016
New Horizons June 2016
New Horizons Sept 2016 cover

          March - May                                      June - August                          October - December     

2015 Editions

New Horizons March 2015
New Horizons June 2015
New Horizons September 2015
New Horizons December 2015

              March - May                                June - August                         September - November              December - February 2016