Garbage Collection


The City's waste hauler, Waste Pro USA, collects garbage twice a week. All single-family or duplex properties receive one gray garbage container to dispose of their garbage. Only City of Hollywood issued gray containers will be picked up by Waste Pro USA collection trucks. Please call Customer Service at 954.967.4200 for additional information, container replacement or repairs.

Stolen Carts

Please call the Police Information Desk 954.967.4636 to get a case number then call 954.967.4200 and your cart will be replaced with a refurbished cart.

Damaged Carts
Please contact Waste Pro USA at 954-967-4200 and describe the damage to the Customer Service Agent so they may schedule a repair.

Garbage Collection Map

Garbage Collection Map - Map Schedule.

Unacceptable Garbage

Brush, rocks, metal, hard junk, construction debris, household hazardous waste, flammable substances, medical waste, liquids, dead animals, sewage, manure and radioactive materials.


Garbage collections begins at 7:00 a.m. except in the Beach District which begins at 8 a.m. Garbage containers can be placed out the night before a collection or earlier than 6:30 a.m. on the collection day.

Location and Placement of Cart

  • All garbage must be BAGGED and TIED before placing inside the cart.
  • The arrow located on the lid and metal bar on front of container should be facing out into the street or alley ready for collection.
  • The lid must be closed so the garbage will not spill on the ground when emptied.
  • Place cart closer to the street or the truck WILL NOT be able to reach the garbage container, and it WILL NOT be emptied.
  • All garbage to be collected MUST be placed inside the container.
  • Do not place anything on top of the closed lid or on the ground around the cart, as this will stop the driver from emptying the container.
  • Place the cart in an OPEN SPACE or at least THREE FEET from all mailboxes, fences, telephone or FPL poles or trees.
  • To ensure pick up, be sure vehicles are not blocking access to the cart.

Acceptable Garbage

Kitchen and table refuse, rags, and food scraps.

Unacceptable Garbage

  • Recyclable materials such as paper, paperboard, glass, or plastic soda bottles
  • Brush or hard junk (an occasional palm frond or branch will be picked up as long as the lid on the cart still closes).
  • Rocks, metal, flammable substances, medical waste, liquids, dead animals, sewage, manure and
    radioactive materials.
  • Construction and demolition debris such as lumber, drywall, tile, and concrete. Those items should be taken to the Broward County Landfill, 7101 S.W. 205 Avenue (located at Sheridan Street & US 27).
  • Household Hazardous Waste and chemicals like pool chemicals pesticides, bleach, auto fluids and other household cleaners. Those items must be disposed of at the Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off.

New Residents

  1. Welcome to Hollywood! Please make sure your utility account has been set up in your name. Call Utility Billing Customer Service at 954.921.3938 to make arrangements.
  2. Then call Environmental Services at 954.967.4320 to request delivery of a garbage container.