Permit Requirements

The following are the basic requirements needed to secure a film permit in the City of Hollywood, additional requirements may be needed based on the complexity/nature of the proposed production:
  • Certificate of Insurance, which includes the following:
    • A policy which provides at least $1 million of Comprehensive General Liability
    • Certificate holder should be named as follows:
      City of Hollywood
      2600 Hollywood Blvd.
      Hollywood, FL 33020
    • Name of the insurance company
    • Name of the insured production company
      Policy number and dates of coverage
Note: For General Liability only, the certificate holder is noted as additional insured with respect to claims arising out of the operation of the named insured.

  • Completed film permit application which includes the following:
    • Approximate budget
    • Dates/Times of filming/production
    • Description of scenes
    • Parking requirements (number and types of vehicles)
    • Size of cast and crew
    • Requested location for production
  • A complete film permit application and Certificate of Insurance should be submitted to the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward Office of Film and Entertainment a minimum of five working days before the scheduled shoot.
  • If the location is in a residential area or impacts nearby businesses, you will be required to distribute a notification letter to all affected by the shoot as far in advance as possible.
  • Location maps may be requested depending on the project.
  • The permit must be signed by an authorized representative of your company.
  • When all of the City's requirements for a film permit are met and any associated fees paid, the permit will be approved by the City and issued through the Greater Fort Lauderdale/ Broward Office of Film and Entertainment.
  • Large scale productions such as feature films may require a coordination meeting between a production representative and various City Departments prior to a film permit being issued.