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Engineering provides development, planning, design management, regulatory permitting, and construction management for all associated engineering activities that involve the City. Engineering oversees reviews of site plans and building permits, sidewalk café tables permits, traffic engineering and public right-of-way rehabilitation oversight, right-of-way permit review, plat and subdivision regulations, roadway rehabilitation programs, portable storage container permits and tree removal permits.

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Project Updates

Public Notice was made on June 22, 2022, providing 90 day notice that the  City intended to amend Chapter 38 of the Code of Ordinances and create a Development Impact Fee.   The new Development Impact Fee provision encompasses Impact Fees that will be used for funding new capital or expansionary projects within the following City business units: 

 General Government Buildings

  • Fire-Rescue
  • Law Enforcement
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Multi-Modal Transportation.   

 The City Commission recently adopted the new Impact Fee Ordinance based on a study completed by Tindale Oliver.  The new impact fees will apply to all applicable new construction building permit applications submitted on or after September 22, 2022.  /DocumentCenter/View/20603

The Liberty Street R&M Surtax Project is experiencing delays due to supply chain issues associated with the delivery of drainage structures. The new construction start date is now September 19, 2022

Raleigh Street SidewalkConstruction is scheduled to begin on September 12, 2022, along Liberty Street between North Park Road and North 31st Avenue and a section of North 31st Road south of Liberty Street. This construction project will include resurfacing, rehabilitation, and maintenance activities including storm drain upgrades and swale restoration.  

On Raleigh Street, between North Park Road and 38th Avenue, approximately 75% of the sidewalk replacement has been completed and work will start this week on Park Road.   Drainage structures have started to arrive for Liberty Street and construction is expected to start September 12, 2022.  

New concrete sidewalks are being constructed in the following locations:

o            The west side of N 16th  Avenue from Shenandoah Street to Liberty Street.

o            North side of Liberty Street from 17th Court to 15th  Avenue.

o            North side of Shenandoah Street from 17th Court to 16th  Avenue.


The proposed sidewalks will be 5 feet wide and the swales adjacent to the new sidewalk will be regraded.  The City of Hollywood and the contractor are coordinating to ensure access to garbage collection and mail during construction.

Johnson St sidewalk

Johnson Street Sidewalk Installation

During the months of June and July, the City’s Contractor will construct a 5’ wide concrete sidewalk and a new curb along the north side of Johnson Street, east of I-95 to N. 28th Ave.   Currently they are in the process of removing the existing asphalt walkway and curbing.

  • Weekly Asphalt Paving completed most of the sidewalk/swale repairs on the Surtax R&M project (BC-HLYWD-FY2020-00002) located on North 58th Avenue and attended a pre-construction meeting to start milling and re-paving associated with Surtax R&M project (BC-HLYWD-FY2020-00001) located on North Park Road, West Park Road, Raleigh Street, Sarazen Drive and North 26th Avenue. Work is expected to start the week of July 11th, 2022.  

Washington Street in the vicinity of S. 52nd Avenue is going to be under construction as part of a project being performed under permit by the firm (Pulte Group) that recently completed a large residential development where the Hillcrest community’s golf course once was.  The overall project has been divided into four (4) Phases, each with its own Maintenance of Traffic plan and detour route.  

The developer has indicated that they are ready to start the work associated with Phase 1, which involves fully closing S. 52nd Avenue immediately to the south of Washington Street.  The developer has advised that the work related to this notice is planned to start on Monday, July 18th and will be under construction until approximately Friday, August 19th.  The Maintenance of Traffic plan and associated detour route for the Phase 1 work is shown in the link below.


Milling and Resurfacing Projects

The following milling and resurfacing projects have been completed in 2022: 

  • North 9th Avenue from Hollywood Blvd to Polk Street
  • Pierce Street from North 14th Avenue to North 13th Avenue
  • Adams Street from Federal Highway to South 17th Avenue 
  • Van Buren Street from South 21st Avenue to South 20th Avenue
  • Lincoln Street from North 46th Avenue to North 48th Avenue 
  • Farragut Street from North 76th Avenue to North 77th Avenue  
  • North 78th Avenue from Sheridan Street to Hope Street