Patrol Services Division

Uniformed Patrol Division

Uniformed Patrol is the backbone of the Police Department and follows the Department's Community Oriented Policing philosophy. Patrol Officers are assigned to zones which patrol specific areas of the city with all other Divisions and Units acting as a support structure for Patrol. This strategy provides the officers with an opportunity to familiarize themselves with their particular neighborhood's problems, as well as allowing the residents or business owners of a neighborhood to get to know the officers who work the area. The officers take pride in the neighborhoods they are responsible for and enjoy meeting residents and business owners. Uniformed Patrol handles the majority of the 140,000 police service calls which occur in the city each year.

In addition to responding to calls for service, Officers self-initiate police action by actively searching for and arresting individuals involved with drugs, prostitution, burglary, robbery, theft, gang activity, and other miscellaneous criminal activities. Uniformed Patrol Units are also the first to arrive on scene at all critical incidents.

The process is a collaborative effort. Uniformed Patrol Units who initially arrive at critical incidents handle the incidents directly or, if additional support is necessary, will stabilize the situation until support services, such as the Special Operations Division, the Criminal Investigations Division, the S.W.A.T. Team, the Crime Scene Investigations arrive to continue the investigation or the Mobile Command Center becomes necessary.


Police K-9's are a valuable resource for use in violent criminal apprehension, evidence detection, explosives detection and search and rescue operations. Police dogs and their Police Officer handlers have extensive training and are an invaluable asset to the Police Department.

Neighborhood Team Leaders

Neighborhood Team Leader Bike Ride

The Hollywood Police Department uses community policing to proactively address public safety issues and improve the quality of life in Hollywood. To help in resolving often complex issues, the department has assigned specific police officers to 20 neighborhood associations and 20 neighborhoods covering the city. These officers are called Neighborhood Team Leaders (NTL).

NTLs take a holistic approach to neighborhood safety. They work to identify trends and look for patterns of repeat calls for specific victims, locations and offenders. Focusing on the crime triangle (victim, location, offender) enables NTLs to widen the opportunities to solve these problems. NTLs partner daily with the other units in the department. The goal of community policing is to reduce crime by engaging the public as a partner rather than relying solely on aggressive law enforcement as the only solution to community problems.

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NTLs at Work in Your Neighborhood

Lieutenant Karen Zorsky (East):

Lieutenant Rick Losenbeck (West):

Sergeant Pablo Vanegas (West):

Sergeant Jesus Cosme (East):

Neighborhood Team Leaders

North Lake: Officer Matthew Fregin:

South Lake: Officer Michael Sinnes:

Royal Poinciana: Officer Jason Dohaney:

Parkside: Officer Jason Dohaney:

Liberia: Officer Andrew Archer:

North Central: Officer Robert R. Knapp:  

South Central: Officer Richard Joseph:

Emerald Hills: Officer Carol Solowsky:

Hollywood Hills: Officer Ryan Ostrowsky:

Park East: Officer Ryan Ostrowsky:

Hillcrest: Officer William Hammaker:

Lawn Acres: Officer Antonio Berrios:

Beverly Park: Officer Antonio Berrios:

Washington Park: Officer Antonio Berrios:

Playland Estates: Officer Yansel Martinez:

Hollywood Gardens: Officer Yansel Martinez:

Boulevard Heights: Officer Darryl Levy:

Driftwood: Officer Darryl Levy:

Beach CRA

Lieutenant John Switter:

Sergeant Sean Gerber:

Officer Steven Diefenbacher:

Officer Jonathan Fiallo:

Officer Jason Eller:

Officer Andrew Laframboise:

Officer Ryan McKirchy:

Officer Alexis Ramirez:

Officer Jason Timmons:

Officer Leslie Rodriguez-Roman:

Officer Joshua Triplett:

Marine Officer

Officer Robert Marren:

Downtown Unit

Lieutenant Karen Zorsky:

Sergeant Jason Zeidell:

Officer Dwayne Chung:

Officer Ryan Cue:

Officer Aleksey Melnikov:

Officer Anthony Truntz: