Generator-Ready Businesses

Many businesses in the City of Hollywood have generators ready to provide them with power following a storm or another type of emergency that can disrupt power service. The tables below indicate what businesses in Hollywood have generator capability and where they are located. Click on the "Map It" link for a detailed location of each business.


BJ's Wholesale Club 4000 Oakwood Blvd.
Penn Dutch 3950 N. 28 Terrace
Publix Hollywood Circle 1740 Polk St.
Publix Hollywood Mall 3251 Hollywood Blvd.
Publix Sheridan Plaza 5211 Sheridan St.
Publix Taft Hollywood Shopping Center 6901 Taft St.
Publix Westlake Commons 1700 Sheridan St.
Sedano's 2319 N. 60 Ave.
Winn-Dixie Taft Street Center 6775 Taft St.
Winn-Dixie 3850 N. 46 Ave.

Home Improvement

Home Depot 1951 S. State Rd. 7
Home Depot 3401 Oakwood Blvd.
Target 300 Hollywood Mall
Walmart 301 S. State Rd. 7

Gas Stations *

7-Eleven 6399 Sheridan St.
7-Eleven 4800 State Road 7
7-Eleven 4112 S. Ocean Blvd.
7-Eleven 3451 Sheridan St.
7-Eleven 100 N. State Road 7
7-Eleven 5950 Sheridan St.
Citgo 5601 Johnson St.
Alpha Tire and Auto Service 5600 Washington St.
Marathon 3253 Hollywood Blvd.
Marathon 2547 Sheridan St. 
Chevron 3501 Hollywood Blvd. 
Circle K 890 N. Federal Hwy. 
Cumberland Farms 2526 Sheridan St.
Shell 2600 N. 29 Ave.
Shell 2414 N. Federal Hwy.
Shell 2635 Hollywood Blvd.
Shell  815 N. Federal Hwy.
Shell 2801 Pembroke Rd.
Shell 2800 Hollywood Blvd.
Mobil 2780 Stirling Rd.
BP 6450 Hollywood Blvd.
Gulfstream Garage 1190 N. Dixie Hwy.
Shell 4550 Hollywood Blvd.
Westar 6650 Hollywood Blvd.
Marathon 7039 Taft St.
Kiko Oil 6381 Johnson St.
Marathon 6690 Stirling Rd.
Marathon 1840 N. Federal Hwy.
Chevron 2730 Sheridan St.
Chevron 2730 Sheridan St.
Racetrac 5800 Hollywood Blvd.
Farhan Oil Co. 6841 Johnson St.
Chevron 7201 Sheridan St.
Speedway 6395 Taft St.
Speedway 5801 Johnson St.
Marathon 3034 Johnson St.
Chevron 2501 N. State Road 7
Chevron 3000 Johnson St.
Chevron 5611 Hollywood Blvd.
Exxon 6390 Sheridan St.
Valero 6300 Johnson St.
Ferrara Automotive Service Center 2000 Sheridan St.
Marathon 2440 N. State Road 7
Marathon 3325 Pembroke Rd.

* All Broward County gas stations with at least 16 fueling positions (eight dispensers accessed from both sides), located within a half-mile of an interstate, turnpike or evacuation route, are required by law to install a pre-wired system allowing them to switch to emergency generator power to run pumps, cash registers and other critical equipment. The law does not require the station to be open for business in an emergency, nor does it require the station to have a permanent generator on-site. They can be pre-wired and rent a generator.