Let's Keep Hollywood Beautiful

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Mission Statement

To unite the community to promote the enhancement of private properties through education, outreach,  and programs that focus on code compliance and city beautification in an effort to increase property values and retain/attract businesses. 

What is the Let's Keep Hollywood Beautiful Program?

The "Let's Keep Hollywood Beautiful" movement started in 2015 as a way to educate and inform property owners to make Hollywood a better place to live, work and play.

How Can I Get Involved?

As part of the Let's Keep Hollywood Beautiful Program, Code Compliance Officers regularly attend neighborhood and community meetings to present information and provide marketing materials on the program. Also, look for the "Let's Keep Hollywood Beautiful" pop-up booth at future City-sponsored events throughout the year. To request a Code Compliance Officer for your community event, please call Code Compliance at 954.921.3061.

Marine Debris

Marine debris is often the result of deliberate or accidental actions by people on land and at sea. For example, uncovered trash bins, debris left in streets and on beaches, and items thrown overboard can all become marine debris. Items can travel for miles before landing on the shorelines or settling in the ocean. Marine debris can be carried by rivers, streams, and other waterways into the ocean and onto our shoreline.

Litter Prevention Programs

The Department of Public Works manages several programs designed to help Keep Hollywood Beautiful. Volunteer participation is essential to the success of these efforts. Your participation is welcomed. Volunteers are needed each month for Beach Sweeps, and neighborhood and civic associations can participate in the Cash for Trash and Adopt-A-Street programs. These programs are intended to keep Hollywood's beach, neighborhoods and streets clean and litter free.  

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