Neighborhood Watch Advisory Board


The Neighborhood Watch Advisory Board's purpose is to advise and assist in the coordination of programs to strengthen the Neighborhood Watch program in Hollywood. The Board's thirteen members each represent a zone within the City.

Meeting Minutes

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Name Email Address Term Expires
Eastern geographical zone - Northeast Central
Linda Hill Anderson 06/30/2018
Eastern geographical zone - Southeast Central
Nila Williams 06/30/2018
Eastern geographical zone - North Lake
Nathan Whitney 06/30/2019
Eastern geographical zone - South Lake
Peter Pazer 06/30/2018
Eastern geographical zone - Hollywood Beach
Vacant, not filled
Eastern geographical zone - South Federal
Richard Clavet 06/30/2019
Eastern geographical zone - Downtown District
Susanne Cutrone 06/30/2019
Western geographical zone - Boulevard Heights
Western geographical zone - Driftwood

Western geographical zone - 441 Corridor
Silvius Sfera 06/30/2018
Western geographical zone - Beverly Park
Daniel Booton 06/30/2019
Western geographical zone - Northwest Center
Ketlie Farquharson
Western geographical zone - Southwest Central
Peter Trummel 06/30/2019
Hollywood Beach Zone -
Alternate Member
Lois Feinberg 06/30/2018

Major Manuel Marino and Lt. Selina Hightower, Staff Liaison, 954.967.4371. There are three positions vacant.