Volunteer Opportunities

CAUTION: Volunteering May Cause Happiness & Fulfillment!

The City of Hollywood is happy to welcome valuable volunteers who play an important role in helping keep our community safe, vital and attractive. The wide range of volunteer opportunities available include mobile police patrols, beach services and clean-up, information technology and City Hall operations. Volunteers make a difference by contributing valuable skills, talents, personalities and countless hours in order to honor the mission of making the City of Hollywood a wonderful place to live and work.

Applications are accepted for volunteer positions from individuals starting at age 16. (The BEACH SWEEP program allows volunteers beginning at age 8 with parental supervision.) School-based community service hours and unpaid college internships are available. Volunteer positions may match your interests and/or skills and provide new challenges.  Please visit www.handsonbroward.org for a list of local opportunities for youth (under 16) or to find projects you can do if you need to complete court-ordered community service hours. 

Your time and contribution to the City of Hollywood results in a "WIN-WIN" situation.

The City of Hollywood will benefit from your skills, talents and new ideas. With your help, programs and services will be able to expand and reach additional members of our community. Volunteers will delight in meeting new people, become involved in exciting events and observe the mechanics behind city government. The sense of accomplishment, pride and fulfillment while doing for others may result in a heart-warming feeling for the individual.

Start HERE....Start NOW!!

For more information, please call Angela Llanos at 954-921-3489.