Pre-Application Conference

The City of Hollywood Zoning and Land Development Code requires all developments needing "Site Plan Review" to have a Pre-application Conference with Planning.  The code states in part "the purpose of this conference shall be for the staff and applicant to discuss overall community goals, objectives, policies and codes as related to the proposed project and to discuss the technical review procedures of the site plan and development review process."  

To enhance transparency, the City makes readily available materials that have been provided by potential applicants during this Pre-application Conference. This allows anyone interested in development projects that may come forward, to get information prior to the time when a prospective applicant would submit a project as part of the formal development review process.

During the Pre-application Conference, prospective developers may present privileged, unrefined concepts for potential projects within the City of Hollywood. The conceptual overviews presented may or may not continue to be developed and brought forward as official applications for project development.

The Pre-Application Conceptual Overview form is available below as a public record in the form it was provided to the City by the proposer, with no evaluation of its accuracy or viability.

Pre-Application Conceptual Overview Materials