Sustainable Hollywood

The City of Hollywood Sustainability Action Plan

Vision statement

Hollywood, Florida strives to be a model of sustainability by recognizing the environment as an asset, and as such, works to reduce the impacts of municipal operations and empower residents, business owners, employees, and visitors to partner with the City in taking bold, proactive, and evidence based actions to create a resilient, accessible, attractive, healthy, and prosperous City.

Mission statement:

The Sustainability Action Plan will coordinate efforts across City departments and into the community to achieve the goal of a Sustainable Hollywood.

Focus Areas
Leadership by Example Environmental Quality
Resiliency (Climate Action Plan) Resource Stewardship
Built Environment
Community Engagement

What is Sustainable Hollywood?

Committed to the long term well-being of the community, the City of Hollywood initiated the Sustainable Hollywood Task Force, an interdepartmental team dedicated to the writing and implementation of a Sustainability Action Plan.

What is a Sustainability Action Plan?

The Sustainability Action Plan provides a framework that guides and connects the policies and programs throughout City departments and the community which relate to Sustainability. The concept of Sustainability is broad, encompassing the environment, social equity, and the economy. The City of Hollywood Sustainable Action Plan will focus on environmental sustainability with a goal of creating opportunities for synergies with the City’s social and economic sustainability goals.

What is the timeline of Sustainable Hollywood?

Fall 2015 – Formation of Sustainable Hollywood Task Force made up of City staff and Selection of Focus Areas
Early 2016 – Outreach to Community Stakeholders to develop goals and measures within the Focus Areas
Winter 2017 – Present plan to City Commission
Winter/Spring 2017 - Community outreach
Spring 2017 - Begin plan implementation

How can I be involved?

Throughout the planning process the City will report on the teams progress and ask for public input. Please visit the City's website and social media channels for news and announcement of upcoming public meetings! Should you have additional questions, please contact Lindsey Nieratka, Environmental Sustainability Coordinator, at 954.921.3201 or via email.