City of Hollywood Meets or Exceeds All Lead Requirements

In light of the findings of water quality issues in Flint, Michigan, the City of Hollywood's Department of Public Utilities wants to take this opportunity to reassure you that your water is safe for drinking, straight from the tap.

Public Utilities staff is committed to monitoring the quality of our drinking water, as well as staying informed with new and improved treatment practices, so we can continue to provide the best quality water to customers.

Staff tests water samples at our State Certified, Water Quality Division’s laboratories, as well as at contracted laboratories, that are also certified by the State of Florida Department of Health, in accordance with National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Standards. In fact, the City’s water is tested several times throughout the day, and evaluated more than 30,000 times a year!

Water is not something that the Department of Public Utilities takes for granted, and we work vigorously to ensure that we provide safe, reliable drinking water to our customers. Every year, the City issues a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) that shows our water supply meets or exceeds all local, state, and federal guidelines. To see our most recent water quality report, and for additional information about the Department of Public Utilities services and programs, please CLICK HERE

For more information on lead, its health effects, and how to protect your family and home, please visit the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website at