Public Parking Management Study

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The City of Hollywood Parking Division oversees 3 garages, several lots and hundreds of metered and non-metered on-street parking spaces, 20 surface lots and a 59 space recreational storage facility lot. The total inventory of standard spaces is 4,232 on-street and off-street spaces with 2,327 Downtown spaces and 1,905 spaces on the Beach. This does not include privately run lots and facilities.

The City’s Parking Division is not funded through property taxes. It is an Enterprise Fund, meaning revenue generated by the enterprise is used to pay for the parking facilities, operations and maintenance. Revenue comes from parking meters, garage and lot fees, parking fines and permit fees.

Staff is committed to working with residents, businesses, and visitors to meet their parking needs. Input, support, and cooperation is key to making the parking management program a success. As such, the Parking Division hosted a forum on Public Parking in the City on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

cars in lot.jpgIn 2014, the Parking Division contracted Desman Associates to analyze the operational effectiveness, policies, organizational structure and financial performance of the City-owned parking system and create a Parking Master/Management Plan. The plan includes a broad spectrum of recommendations covering most areas of the parking system services. Please see the study below. 

Parking Management Study
Parking Management Study

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