Garbage and Recycling

The Environmental Services Division oversee the collection of garbage, brush, bulk waste, and recyclables in an effort to maintain the health and safety of residents.  The Division also coordinates the Keep Hollywood Beautiful Programs which include monthly: Beach Sweep, Adopt-a-Street, and Cash for Trash Programs.


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Single-Family or Duplex Residences

Businesses, Restaurants, Office Spaces, Medical Facilities, Retailers


Triplexes, Condominiums, Apartments, Mobile Homes 
Schools and Community-Based Organizations 

Schools, Neighborhood Civic Associations,
Non-Profit Organizations, 
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Garbage and Recycling Collection

or Call Waste Pro at 954.967.4200

Recycling Rewards Points
or Call Recycling Perks at 1-855-813-2154

Need more information, call the Environmental Services Division at 954.967.4320
Recycling Reward Points 
or Call Recycling Perks