What should my emergency supply kit include?
Click on the link below for a comprehensive list of items you should include in your emergency supply kit.Prepare an Emergency Supply Kit

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1. How long should I expect to be self-sufficient during an emergency?
2. What should my emergency supply kit include?
3. How do I know if live in an evacuation zone?
4. Do I have to evacuate if an evacuation order is issued for my area?
5. What is Alert Hollywood and how do I register to receive these alerts?
6. Do gas stations, supermarkets and other stores in Hollywood have backup generator capability?
7. I have a relative with special needs. What should I do to prepare them for an emergency?
8. Can I receive emergency alerts from the City of Hollywood?
9. I have a pet. What can I do to ensure they are safe during an emergency?
10. How can I become a member of the Hollywood Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)?