As a home owner how will this benefit me?

A comprehensive list of Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Program incentives is available here.  These incentives, which are largely tied to the discovery of environmental contamination and execution of a Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement (“BSRA”) with Broward County, include access to the Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit Program, cleanup liability protections for the property owner and project lenders, a streamlined regulatory process, job creation tax refunds, and refunds on sales taxes paid for construction of qualified affordable housing.  Although these incentives are typically used by business owners and at multifamily developments, they are equally available to residential home owners interested in redevelopment.  If a property owner within a designated brownfield area identifies environmental contamination that they did not cause, they may be eligible to enter into a BSRA and access these incentives without needing to first request approval from the City Commission. Additionally, any neighboring property owner who is conducting site rehabilitation of contamination must also address environmental impacts that have extended offsite.  By providing immediate access to a BSRA, neighbors may address environmental impacts more efficiently than they otherwise could. Local governments may also establish their own incentives for properties located within a designated brownfield area.  

Please contact the Office of Economic Development for more information.

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1. Is there a timeframe to opt out of the designation?
2. Can I decide later to opt in? If so, how?
3. How will the value of my property be impacted if it is within a designated Brownfield?
4. How will the value of my property be impacted if the property next to or around me is designated and mine is not?
5. Will this designation be reflected with the Broward County Property Appraiser?
6. As a home owner how will this benefit me?
7. As a business owner how will this benefit me? For example: property taxes, business taxes, loans, etc.