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Talented 10th Poetry Slam

  1. 2018 Poetry Slam

  2. OFFICIAL SLAM RULES: The piece must be relative to AFRICAN AMERICANS IN WARTIME. No Expletives. Written versions of the presentation piece must be submitted by February 20, 2018 before 6:00 p.m. Each presentation will be given no longer than 3 minutes Participants must be a student of high school age (14-18 years old) OFFICIAL SLAM JUDGING CRITERIA: Poem: The poem is well crafted and demonstrates effective use of poetic language, which may include figurative language and/or rich vocabulary. The poem clearly conveys an idea and a point of view. The poem captures and conveys human emotion and experience. The poem effectively uses the rhythm and sound of language. Interpretation: The poet’s body movement, facial expressions, and gestures are consistent with and enhance the ideas and mood of the poem. The poet conveys energy and emotion that is consistent with and enhances the ideas and mood of the poem. Performance: The poet speaks clearly. The poet projects his/her voice. The poet has memorized his/her poem. The poet effectively performs to the audience.

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