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Board Meeting Registration and Public Comment Form

  1. Board Meeting Registration and Public Comment Form

    Historic Preservation Board
    Planning and Development Board
    Joint Board

    Any member of the public wishing to attend the meeting in person or speak via WebEx, shall be REQUIRED to register using this form. Speaker registration shall be submitted by 6:00 PM the day before the meeting. If commenting on multiple items, this form shall be completed for each individual item. Supporting documents may be attached. Public comment shall be limited to three minutes maximum. Due to the quasi-judicial nature of items, written comment CANNOT not be read into the record.

    By completing this form you hereby agree to follow the Rule of Conduct which prohibits harassing, obscene, untruthful, slanderous comments regarding personnel and elected officials. Persons failing to comply with the rules are subject to removal from the room. For additional information refer to Rules of Procedure Concerning Public Appearance before the Board/Committee. Lobbyist are required to register in accordance with Section 30.15 of the Code of Ordinances.

    All comments received during the submission period will become part of the public record. Comments left on voicemail machines, emailed, posted to the City’s social media accounts or submitted after 6:00 PM the day before the meeting shall not be accepted.

    Those without internet access or who may need additional assistance, may call the Planning and Urban Design Division at 954-921-3471, option 3, during normal business hours.

  2. Important Instructions for In Person Speakers

    Entrance to City Hall shall only be permitted upon (1) successfully completing this form, (2) following confirmation from Staff and, (3) upon successful completion of temperature scan at the security desk. Anyone exhibiting symptoms or in contact with someone who has tested positive will not be permitted to enter. Without exception, all persons entering City Hall, and at all times remaining inside, will be required to wear and maintain appropriate facial coverings over the nose and mouth.

    Capacity limits and social distancing requirements apply. To ensure compliance with social distancing requirements, seating in Room 219 shall be limited to 15 persons. Registered in person attendees may be requested to watch the meeting in Room 215 until such time as the items(s) is heard by the Board. Once the item(s) is before the Board, those wishing to address the Board in-person will be asked to come into Room 219 for public comments. Once complete, speakers may be asked to return to Room 215 for the remainder of the meeting. Should social distancing capacity be filled in Rooms 215 and 219 (first 15 registrants will be given preference), registered attendees may be asked to wait outside.

  3. Deadline Acknowledgment *

  4. Enter the file number provided on the meeting agenda

  5. ie: Project Address, Name, Keyword.

  6. Enter full name

  7. Provided email address shall be used to send confirmation for in-person attendees and speakers.

  8. No physical documents shall be accepted at the Board meeting. Attach all supplemental documents here.

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