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1. Where is the project being proposed?
2. Does the Deed prohibit redevelopment of the property?
3. What are the proposed public improvements?
4. Will public access to the beach be impacted?
5. How tall is the proposed building?
6. Will the new building shade the beach?
7. What will the private residence component of the proposal include?
8. Is this a good financial deal for the City?
9. What happens at the end of 99 year lease?
10. What will the public parking options be?
11. How will traffic be impacted?
12. What is the restaurant being proposed?
13. What is the status of the existing community center?
14. What happens to Harry Berry Park?
15. What happens to the existing dunes?
16. How will open green space be addressed?
17. What about the impacts of sea level rise?
18. What is the process for redevelopment?
19. What about long term maintenance of the property?
20. What are the community input options?