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Criminal Investigations Division
The Criminal Investigations Division consists of Investigative Services, Special Victims Unit, Vice, Intelligence and Narcotics and Crime Scene Investigations
Investigative Services Section

The Investigative Services Section is responsible for the investigation of Homicides, Robberies, Sexual Assaults, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and Animal Neglect and Abuse cases, as well as property crimes such as Burglary, Arson, Theft, and Fraud. Detectives assigned to this Section are highly skilled Investigators who have earned their positions by demonstrating the knowledge, skills and abilities crucial to a successful Investigator. The Investigations Section consists of the following specialized areas:

Is supervised by a Police Sergeant. Homicide is staffed by Detectives who are responsible for the investigation of all murders, unnatural deaths, kidnappings, stalking, and hate crimes. They are also proactive in the investigation of previously unsolved murder cases, using technological advances and innovative investigative techniques.

Is supervised by a Police Sergeant and is staffed by Detectives who are responsible for the investigation of all robberies.

Economic Crimes
In an effort to provide victims the most personable law enforcement services possible, the Hollywood Police Department has established an Economic Crimes Unit that deals exclusively with these types of crimes. The Unit is supervised by a Police Sergeant and is staffed by Detectives are responsible for investigating all frauds, telemarketing scams, worthless and fraudulent check and credit card offenses, embezzlements, financial exploitation, computer crimes, and other scams which are perpetrated upon unsuspecting victims.

After making your initial report via phone to an officer, or in person at the Hollywood Police Department, your case will be reviewed by the Unit Supervisor. An Officer will contact you about your case. If your case meets established guidelines it will be assigned for investigation. You will be able to meet in person with the assigned Detective in the Economic Crimes Unit.

The Economic Crimes Unit is stationed at the Hollywood Police Department's West Network Center, 1109 North 69 Way in Hollywood. Its hours of operation are Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Wednesdays from noon to 8 p.m.

Burglary/Grand Theft and Auto Theft
Is supervised by a Police Sergeant and is staffed by Detectives responsible for the investigation of all thefts, residential and business burglary associated with the West Side of the City, felony vandalism, Arson, and traveling criminal activity. Additionally the Detectives also conduct inspections of the various Pawn Shops throughout Hollywood to ensure compliance with State and Local laws and are responsible for the investigation of all auto thefts, auto parts thefts, and vehicle burglaries. The Detectives also conduct inspections of auto body repair shops to ensure compliance with State and Local laws. The Hollywood Police Department is also a participating Member of the Broward County Auto Theft Task Force, a multi-agency investigative force.

Crime Scene Investigations

Crime Scene Investigations is an integral part of the Criminal Investigations Division, Investigative Services Section. C.S.I. is responsible for the collection of physical evidence through photography, physical crime scene search, recovery of latent fingerprints and the collection of physical evidence. Hollywood Police Crime Scene Technicians are a highly motivated group of individuals who, using their knowledge, skills and abilities recover visible and invisible evidence using the latest technology available. Crime Scene Technicians continuously strive to improve their knowledge and skills by attending specialized schools, seminars, and in-house training.

Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.)
Is supervised by a Crime Scene Unit Supervisor and staffed with C.S.I. Shift Supervisors, Crime Scene Technicians, a Photo Lab Technician, and a Latent Fingerprint Examiner. C.S.I. is responsible for the collection, documentation and processing of all evidence needed to successfully investigate crimes. C.S.I. works closely with Forensic Technicians and utilizes the latest technological advances to assist in identifying suspected criminals.

Special Victims Unit

The Special Victims Unit is supervised by a police Sergeant and is staffed by specially trained detectives who investigate all sexual assault reports, this unit also registers and monitors all sex offenders and predators who reside in Hollywood. 
Domestic Violence and Victims Services Unit
The Domestic Violence and Victims Services Unit is supervised by a police Sergeant and is staffed by Detectives responsible for the investigation of all acts of domestic violence, domestic related stalking, child abuse or neglect, elderly abuse, neglect, and physical exploitation, missing juveniles, and animal neglect and abuse cases. Victim's Advocates are responsible for providing support, information and guidance for victims and witnesses of crimes.

Victim Advocates
Victim Advocates are available to all crime victims and witnesses.
Crime Victim/Witness assistance includes:
  • Support throughout interview process 
  • Obtaining shelter, food, financial support 
  • Referral to resource agencies 
  • Referral or counseling services 
  • Assistance/support during court proceedings 
  • Resources, release notifications and restitution availability
  • Navigating the Criminal Justice System

To reach the Investigative Services Section by telephone:
PH: 954.967.4411
FX: 954.967.4410

Send your crime tips to:

Vice, Intelligence & Narcotics (V.I.N.)

The Vice, Intelligence & Narcotics or V.I.N. Unit is responsible for conducting sophisticated undercover operations into organized narcotics trafficking, vice crimes, racketeering, money laundering and street level drug sales. The unit develops criminal intelligence with the purpose of anticipating and preventing further criminal activity.

V.I.N. unit Detectives, operate in an undercover capacity to ensure their safety and maintain the confidentiality of investigations.

Detectives routinely assume undercover identities to accomplish their goals and work closely with confidential informants. Assignment to the V.I.N. Unit is voluntary due to the special obligations and risks required of its members.

The tireless efforts of the Detectives assigned to the V.I.N. Unit are rewarded each year with drug seizures and asset forfeitures. The money seized from drug traffickers and money launderers is funneled back into the war against drugs.

To reach the V.I.N. Unit by telephone:
Ph: 954.967.4507
Fx: 954.967.4573
Send your Crime Tips to

Victim Notification

The Hollywood Police Department, along with U.S. immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, is committed to protecting the public and ensuring that the rights of victims are carefully observed. Eligible victims and witnesses can obtain reliable and timely information regarding a criminal alien's release from custody by registering at This website also offers a number of valuable victim services and programs provided by ICE.