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Recycling & RecycleBank®
Message From The Mayor

Dear City of Hollywood Residents,

I am so pleased to tell you about the City of Hollywood’s recycling rewards program that has helped to increase recycling in our City by more than 130%. In February 2010, Hollywood partnered with a company called RecycleBank® to offer residents a totally innovative, new program to encourage recycling. It operates like a “frequent flyer” program—you earn points based on the amount you recycle. The more you recycle, the more RecycleBank Points you earn and the more rewards you receive for your recycling efforts. Points can be redeemed for discounts and deals at dozens of local businesses like Publix, Winn Dixie, Sage Oyster Bar, Ocean Alley and Yoga One Yoga Studio, as well as hundreds of national partners like CVS, Kraft, Home Depot, Target and Coca-Cola.

RecycleBank is a single-stream recycling program. Single-stream recycling means there is no need to separate paper from aluminum cans, glass and plastic. All recyclable materials can go into the 95 gallon blue recycling carts the City provides for all residential garbage/recycling customers. These carts have a personalized identification tag. The collection trucks read the identification tag, record how much your household has recycled and transmit that information to RecycleBank. RecycleBank then credits your account with RecycleBank Points.

To start earning reward points, all you have to do is sign up for a RecycleBank account at If you do not have a computer, you can also sign up by calling RecycleBank toll-free at 888.727.2978. Remember, you must activate your RecycleBank account in order to start earning points. Just for activating, you will receive 40 RecycleBank Points to get started!

Having spearheaded this effort, I am proud the City of Hollywood is the first city in Broward County to participate in RecycleBank’s innovative program. Our residents’ recycling efforts have now been chronicled on local and national news programs including CNN. This is a very exciting initiative for Hollywood and it’s a win-win-win for our residents, local businesses and the environment.


Peter Bober, Mayor
City of Hollywood


The City of Hollywood encourages you to recycle to help reduce your garbage volume. At your request, the City will issue a 95 gallon blue recycling cart. It costs less to dispose of acceptable recyclable materials as recycling than to dispose of them as garbage.  For the pick up days in your area, please see schedule below.

Recycling Collection Schedule & Map

Acceptable Materials
  • Paper - Paperboard (cookie, cereal boxes, pasta boxes) newspaper, magazines, etc.
  • Glass (brown, green, blue and clear) - food and beverage containers. (Do not include broken glass of any kind.) Please rinse and remove lids.
  • Plastics - soda bottles, milk and water jugs, shampoo and detergent bottles. Please rinse, flatten plastics and throw away lids and caps.
  • Metal cans (steel, tin and aluminum) -  soup, fruit, vegetable, cat and dog food cans are recyclable. Please rinse container and throw away lids.
  • Aseptic containers are milk and juice cartons and drink boxes. Please rinse container and throw away caps and straws.
  • Only brown corrugated cardboard shipping boxes can be recycled if flattened and cut into two-foot-by-two-foot sections.

Stolen Carts
Please call the Police Information Desk 954.967.4636 get a case number then call 954.967.4200 and your cart will be replaced with a refurbished cart.

Damaged Carts
Please contact Waste Pro USA at 954-967-4200 and provide the particular type of damage so that they may schedule for repair.

 For additional information, please contact Waste Pro at 954.967.4200 or Environmental Services at 954.967.4320.   To get a replacement for a damaged or missing personal identification tag, please contact RecycleBank at 888.727.2978.