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Recycling & Rewards Program for Recycling

New Rewards-for-Recycling Partnership Announced

June 1, 2016 -To provide an enhanced recycling incentive program to include multi-family and commercial property owners, the City has now partnered with Recycling Perks. Beginning in mid-September, all single family, multi-family, and commercial participants will be rewarded “Perk Points” for placing their recycling cart out for weekly collection. Recycling Perks offers reward points to registered users that are redeemable for coupons, discounts and special deals with local vendors, national retailers, restaurants, grocers and more. In addition, the City’s new recycling rewards partner will assign a local Recycling Perks representative to assist with Hollywood residents’ needs. Throughout the year the local representative will be available to promote the program by participating in neighborhood meetings, environmental awareness campaigns and attending City-sponsored lectures and events.

Residents who are currently earning points with Recyclebank will have until June 30, 2016 to redeem any unused points. Reward points will not carry over to the new recycling incentive partner. During the transition to the new recycling partner, residents are encouraged to continue to recycle. An outreach program will kick-off over the summer to inform residents of the new program details and how to register with Recycling Perks.

Recycling Perks serves ten cities and regions throughout Georgia, Florida and Virginia and successfully provides a comprehensive incentive program to nearly 400,000 homes in communities ranging from 1,400 - 96,000 households while assisting cities in achieving their goals to increase recycling.

Recycling Information

The City of Hollywood encourages you to recycle to help reduce your garbage volume. At your request, the City will issue a 95 gallon blue recycling cart. It costs less to dispose of acceptable recyclable materials as recycling than to dispose of them as garbage.  For the pick up days in your area, please see schedule below.

Recycling Collection Schedule & Map

Acceptable Materials
  • Paper - Paperboard (cookie, cereal boxes, pasta boxes) newspaper, magazines, etc.
  • Glass (brown, green, blue and clear) - food and beverage containers. (Do not include broken glass of any kind.) Please rinse and remove lids.
  • Plastics - soda bottles, milk and water jugs, shampoo and detergent bottles. Please rinse, flatten plastics and throw away lids and caps.
  • Metal cans (steel, tin and aluminum) -  soup, fruit, vegetable, cat and dog food cans are recyclable. Please rinse container and throw away lids.
  • Aseptic containers are milk and juice cartons and drink boxes. Please rinse container and throw away caps and straws.
  • Only brown corrugated cardboard shipping boxes can be recycled if flattened and cut into two-foot-by-two-foot sections.

Stolen Carts
Please call the Police Information Desk 954.967.4636 get a case number then call 954.967.4200 and your cart will be replaced with a refurbished cart.

Damaged Carts
Please contact Waste Pro USA at 954-967-4200 and provide the particular type of damage so that they may schedule for repair.

For additional information, please contact Waste Pro at 954.967.4200 or Environmental Services at 954.967.4320.