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Solid Waste and Recycling Enhancements
In September of 2012, the City of Hollywood implemented several enhancements to solid waste and recycling service for residential sanitation customers.  The city’s solid waste and recycling contractor, Waste Pro,  now has a six day-a-week collection schedule (Monday through Saturday) that includes the following: 

• Twice weekly garbage collection
• Once weekly recycling collection
• Once weekly commingled material (brush and hard junk) collection

View the updated collection map and schedule

View a video of the sanitation service enhancements

The service enhancements address feedback received from the City’s residents who are recycling more than ever due to the popularity of single stream recycling and the recycling rewards program the City instituted with RecycleBank. This increase in recycling resulted in residents filling their blue recycling carts faster than ever and requesting a weekly collection instead of the previous biweekly collection.

Recyclable materials include plastic food and beverage containers (narrow neck only); aluminum, steel and tin cans; clear, green, blue and brown glass; newspapers and newspaper inserts; milk and juice cartons; and brown, corrugated shipping boxes. These items do not need to be sorted and can be placed in the 95-gallon blue recycling carts provided to residential sanitation customers by the City.

Hollywood is also fortunate to have many residents who take great care in maintaining their landscaping. They wanted to see an additional collection of brush and other yard waste.  The weekly commingled material collection allows resident to place up to four cubic yards of material such as tree trimmings (maximum four feet in length), palm fronds and other yard waste along with hard junk such as old furniture, small household items and carpeting in the alley or at the curb (if there is no alley) for weekly pick up. Four cubic yards is equivalent to four standard size washing machines.

The City will continue to offer twice-a-week garbage collection for all its residential sanitation customers. All kitchen and table refuse, non-recyclable paper, rags, food scraps should be bagged and placed in the City-provided, 95-gallon gray garbage cart for this collection. 

Information about recycling and commingled collections can be found under the Public Works section of the website and on the City's government access cable channel, Hollywood Community Television, which is carried on AT&T Uverse and Comcast cable systems. 

Download a printable brochure and collection schedule/map