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Cone of Silence
The City of Hollywood Code of Ordinances Section §30.15(F) imposes a Cone of Silence for certain City purchases of goods and services.

The Cone of Silence prohibits direct communication between vendors and vendor’s representatives and City elected officials, management and staff during the period in which the Cone of Silence is imposed.

The Cone of Silence shall be imposed when the City determines sufficient information is available to evaluate the request for a purchase under exemption §38.40(C)(5) of the Code of Ordinance or determines sufficient information is available to draft a formal competitive solicitation.

The Ordinance does allow potential vendors or vendor’s representatives to communicate with those employees identified in Section §30.15(F) of the Code of Ordinance or those designated employees for the limited purpose of seeking clarification or additional information. The names and contact information of those employees that may be contacted for clarification or additional information are included in the notice of the Cone of Silence or in a formal solicitation.

The Cone of Silence shall remain in effect until an award is made, a contract is approved, or the City takes any other action which ends the procurement process. When a Cone of Silence is terminated, public notice of the termination shall be posted.

Cone of Silence Ordinance (pdf)

Current Cone of Silence Solicitations

[ Open | Terminated ]

Open - Procurement Services Division

RFP-4532-16-JE  For:  Parking Citation & Permit Database System. 
RFQ-4524-16-RL  For:  General Contractors for Housing Programs. 
F-4526-16-JE  For:  On-Site Equipment Maintenance. 
F-4507-16-RD  For:  Fire Extinguisher & Systems Service. 
RFP-4505-16-RD  For:  Financial Auditing Services. 
RFP-4522-16-RD  For:  Third Party Claims Administration (TPA) Services for Worker's Compensation and Liability Claims. 
RFP-4512-16-RL  For:  Welding Repair and Fabrication Services. 
F-4518-16-RL  For:  Supply of Dry Polymer. 
RFP-4523-16-RL  For:  Redevelopment of University Station. 
RFP-4516-16-JE  For:  School Crossing Guard Services. 
RFP-4499-16-RD  For:  Legal Counsel to Represent the City against the Pension Board of Trustees. 
RFP-4500-16-RD  For:  Identity Theft Protection Services. 
F-4467-15-JE  For:  Engine, Transmission Repair with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts. 
RFP-4442-15-IS  For:  Golf Course Management. 
F-4434-14-RD  For:  Asphalt Paving Between 15th and 16th Avenue. 



Open - Development Services, Architecture & Urban Design Division     

Project No.  For:  Beach Maintenance Facility - Improvements. 
Project:  PW-16-004 (C-D-E-F-G-H)  For:  Downtown Lighting - Fillmore, Taylor, Jackson, Madison, Jefferson and Adams Streets. 
Project:  No. CRA 16-038  For:  Request for Qualifications to Provide Construction Management at Risk Services to the Community Redevelopment Agency for Hollywood Downtown and Beach Improvements. 
Project :  No. For:  Fire Station No.45 Building Replacement.
Project :  No.  For:  Beach Maintenance Facility - Improvements.
Project:  No. EN-10-005 For:  FY 2010 Sidewalk Construction. 
Project:  No. EN-10-002  For:  Construction of speed tables and speed humps at various locations within the City of Hollywood. 
Project:  No. EN-10-001  For:  Street Resurfacing. 

Open - Public Works

Project:  PW  For:  Landscape Improvements in Center Medians Project. 
Project #:  PW-16-004  For:  Downtown Lighting - Buchanan Street and Pierce Street. 
Project #:  PW-15-029  For:  City Hall - Southwest Quadrant Paving & Drainage Improvements. 
Project #:  PW-16-011  For:  FY 2016 Sidewalk Construction. 
Project #:  PW-14-023  For:  2015 Alley reconstruction Program. 

Open - Public Utilities, Engineering & Construction Services Division


Bid #:  15-7076  For:  Lift Station E-8 Force Main Replacement. 
Bid #:  14-5125  For:  Water Main Replacement Program (Johnson Street to Taft Street from North 76th Terrace to North 66th Avenue. 
RFQ  15-1315  For:  Rate Consulting Large User True-Up And Financial And Technical Services. 

Open - Community Redevelopment Agency

  Notice to sale For:  2031 Harrison Street - Request for Proposals and Notice to Sell.


Terminated - Procurement Services Division


Bid:  F-4507-16-RD  For:  Fire Extinguisher and Systems Services. 
Bid:  F-4473-16-RD  For:  Transmission Repair and Replacement Services for General and Police Vehicles. 
Bid:  RFP-4514-16-RL  For:  ArtWalk Market Producer. 
Bid:  F-4468-15-JE  For:  Lease Of Harley Davidson Motorcycles. 
Bid:  RFP-4466-15-JE  For:  Federal Lobbying Services. 
Bid:  F-4519-16-JE  For:  Replacement Optics For Police Rifles. 
Bid:  RFP-4398-14-JE  For:  Unified Communications Phone System. 
Bid:  RFP-4513-16-RD  For:  Benefit Consultant. 
Bid:  F-4488-16-RD  For:  City Wide Irrigation Maintenance Services. 
Bid:  RFP-4503-16-RD  For:  Recycling Incentive Program. 
Bid:  RFQ-4511-16-RD  For:  Contractor Pre-Qualification for Construction of Public Safety and City Capital Improvement Projects (PW-16-003). 
Bid:  F-4506-16-RD  For:  Purchase and Turnkey Installation of a Double Wide Trailer. 
Bid:  RFP-4492-16-RD  For:  Trust Custodial Services. 
Bid:  RFP-4502-16-RL  For:  Aftercare and Summer Camp Program. 
Bid:  F-4485-16-RL  For:  Purchase and Redevelopment of 1203 N. Federal Highway. 
Bid:  F-4504-16-RL  For:  Disposal of Municipal Water Treatment Plant Catalyst Sand and Lime Sludge Solicitation. 
Bid:  F-4493-16-RL  For:  Purchase of Fire Hydrants. 
Bid:  F-4498-16-RL  For:  Electric Motor Repair Services. 
Bid:  F-4490-16-RD  For:  Street Sweeping Services. 
Bid:  F-4495-16-RL  For:  CRA Tree Trimming and Disposal RE-BID. 
Bid:  RFQ-4478-15-RL  For:  Glass Blowing Artist. 
Bid:  F-4494-16-RL  For:  Removal and Disposal of Debris from the Lift Station Wet Well and the WWTP. 
Bid:  F-4482-16-JE  For:  Fire Rescue And Beach Safety Department Uniforms. 
Bid:  F-4438-16-RD  For:  Landscape Design and Field Services (Groundcover/Plant and Shrub Installation). 
Bid:  F-4443-15-RD  For:  Tree Trimming, Pruning, Removal and Stump Grinding Services. 
Bid:  F-4475-16-RD  For:  Central Air Conditioning Systems Maintenance and Repair Services. 
Bid:  F-4459-15-RD  For:  Fence Replacement at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center. 
Bid:  RFP-4479-15-RD  For:  Branding, Marketing and Public Relations Services. 
Bid:  RFP-4491-16-RL  For:  Historic Preservation Survey and Update. 
Bid:  F-4489-16-RL  For:  Janitorial Services at the Beach Restrooms and CRA Offices. 
Bid:  RFP-4463-15-RL  For:  Media Buyer.  
Bid:  F-4469-15-RL  For:  HVAC Equipment Preventative and Repair Services. 
Bid:  RFP-4460-15-RD  For:  Legal Counsel for Defense of Workers' Compensation Claims. 
Bid:  RFQ-4464-15-RL  For:  Rate Consulting, Large User Group True-Up and Financial and Technical Services. 
Bid:  RFP-4452-15-RL  For:  Home Rehabilitation and Repair Program Administrations Services Solicitation. 
Bid:  F-4483-15-RD  For:  Commercial Records Management, Storage and Shredding Services. 
Bid:  F-4486-15-RD  For:  New Horizons Quarterly Newsletter (Printing, List and Mail Preparation Services). 
Bid:  F-4481-15-JE  For:  Parking Cashiering Services. 
Bid:  F-4474-15-RL  For:  School Bus Transportation Services-Aftercare Program. 
Bid:  RFP-4461-15-RL  For:  Publicist. 
Bid:  F-4487-15-RL  For:  French Barricade Rentals. 
Bid:  F-4470-15-RL  For:  CRA Tree Trimming and Disposal. 
Bid:  F-4484-15-JE  For:  Law Enforcement Transcription Services. 
Bid:  No. 11019-RFP  For:  Retail Maintenance, Repair, Operating (M.R.O.) Supplies and Related Services from Home Depot U.S.A., Inc. utilizing the U.S. Communities/National Cooperative Purchasing Program Maricopa County Contract Number 11019-RFP. 
Bid:  No. 450-000-11-ACS  For:  Maintenance, Repair, Operating (MRO): Facilities Maintenance Supplies from W.W. Grainger utilizing the State of Florida Contract Number 450-000-11-ACS. 
Bid:  No. 15/17-07-0220  For:  Heavy Equipment Tires, Heavy Truck Tires, Farm Equipment Tires and Optional Related Services from Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC's authorized dealer, Boulevard Tire Center, utilizing the Florida Sheriff's Association Bid Award Number 15/17-07-0220. 
Bid:  F-4471-15- JE  For:  Cisco Network Switches. 
Bid:  F-4455-15-JE  For:  Purchase & Delivery of Two (2) Appliance Pairs - Infoblox. 
Bid:  RFP-4453-15-RD  For:  Occupational Health Services. 
Bid:  F-4450-15-RD  For:  Public Utilities Generator Preventative Maintenance and Repair Services. 
Bid:  F-4449-15-RD  For:  Generator Preventive Maintenance and Repair Services - Public Works and Fire Rescue. 
Bid:  F-4458-15-RL  For:  Bus Services - SEA Camp Program. 
Bid:  F-4441-15-IS  For:  Welding Repair and Fabrication Services. 
Bid:  F-4456-15-RL  For:  Demolition of 2 Story Commercial Office Building, 1203 North Federal Highway. 
Contract:  No. 031212-GPC For:  Automotive and Truck Parts, Accessories and Supplies from Genuine Parts Company d/b/a NAPA Auto Parts, utilizing the NJPA contract No. 031212-GPC 
Bid:  RLI-4462-15-RL  For:  Orangebrook Golf Couse Redevelopment. 
Bid:  RFP-4445-15-IS-B  For:  Tutoring Services. 
Bid:  25/27-07-0220  For:  Automobile and Light Truck Tires and Optional Related Services from Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company's authorized local dealers, utilizing the Florida Sheriffs Association Bid Award #25/27-07-0220. 
Bid:  14-B-148AK  For:  Laboratory Testing & Analysis from Pace Analytical Services, utiltizing the Volusia County 14-B-148AK. 
Bid:  2014-25  For:  Supply of Liquid Polymer from Polydyne, Inc., utilizing the City fo Ormond Beach Bid #2014-25. 
Bid:  452-11496  For:  Chlorine from Allied Universal Corp and Calcium Hypochlorite from Hawkins, Inc., utiltizing the City of Fort Lauderdale Bid # 452-11496. 
Bid:  F-4405-15-RD  For:  Animal Carcass Removal and Disposal Services. 
Bid:  F-4435-14-RD  For:  Ground Maintenance-Wastewater Treatment Plant and Lift Stations. 
Bid:  RFP-4445-15-IS-A  For:  Tutoring Services. 
Bid:  F-4440-14-JE  For:  Nexgen Electronic Locking Systme by Medeco. 
Bid:  F-4432-14-JE  For:  Tape Backup System. 
Bid:  Safeware, Inc.  For:  License Plate Reader (LPR's) Trailers - U.S.Communities Contract #44000001839 (RFP 11-205753-10A). 
Bid:  Kronos  For:  Purchase and Implementation of an Atutomated Public Safety Scheduling System and Related Services from Kronos Incorporated utilizing the Harford County Public Schools of BelAir, Maryland's BID#14-JLR-003, which is available through the U.S.Communities National Cooperative Purchase Program. 
Bid:  Dataworks Plus, LLC. For:  Falcon Rapid ID Edge Devices w/Cogent blue Check Fingerprinting Scanners and Related Software (Sole Source Purchase). 
Bid #:  F-4430-14-RD  For:   Pembroke Road Wall Maintenance Repair. 
Bid #:  RFP-4419-14-IS  For:  Zoning Permit Review. 
Bid #:  F-4409-14-IS  For:  Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Department Management Software System. 
Bid #:  F-4401-14-IS  For:  Supply and Deliver of GE Osmonics Zyples, RO Save, 5 Micron, 40 DOE Cartridge Filters # RO Zs 05-40. 
Bid #:  F-4386-14-IS  For:  Funtastic Friday at ArtsPark at Young Circle located in Downtown Hollywood. 
Bid #:  F-4343-13-IS  For:  Janitorial and Delittering Services at the ArtsPark. 
Bid #:  F-4433-14-RD  For:  Supply, Installation, Service and Maintenance of a Video, Audio and Presentation System at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. 
Bid #:  F-4431-14-RD  For:  Emergency Food Catering Services. 
Bid #:  F-4396-14-JE  For:  Painting of Parking Garage Ceiling Beams. 
Bid #:  RFP-4402-14-JE  For:  Medical Director Services. 
Bid #:  RFP-4417-14-JE  For:  Lobbying Services. 
Bid #:  RFP-4425-14-JE  For:  Psychological Services. 
Bid #:  RFQ-4416-14-JE  For:  Code Compliance & Vehicle Impoundment Special Magistrates. 
Bid #:  RFP-4423-14-RD  For:  Debt Collection Services for Past Due Fees and Fines
Bid #:  RFP-4421-14-RD  For:  Continuing Contract for Structural Engineering Services (PW 14-009). 
Bid #:  RFP 10-23  For:  Elevator, Stair Lift and Platform Lift Maintenance and Repair Services from Otis Elevator Company utilizing the National IPA Contract as awarded by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County. 
Bid #:  1407-005  For:  Demolition of Five (5) Residential Structures. 
Bid #:  RFP-4411-14-RD  For:  Employee Assistance Program Services (E.A.P.) 
Bid #:  RFP-4376-14-RD  For:  Fleet Maintenance and Fuel Management Program Web Based Software System. 
Bid #:  F-4424-14-JE  For:  VMware Server Platform. 
Bid #:  F-4412-14-JE  For:  Janitorial Services - Fire Rescue Station 74 Facility. 
Bid #:  RFQ-4422-14-RD  For:  Continuing Contract for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering Services (PW 14-010). 
Bid #:  12-20-0905 and
For:  Four 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4x4 pickup trucks from Alan Jay Fleet Sales utilizing the Florida Sheriff's Association. 
Bid #:  12-20-0905  For:  Purchase of three (3) 2015 Chevrolet Silverado Pick-Up Trucks from Alan Jay Fleet Sales utilizing the Florida Sheriff's Association. 
Bid #:  13-11-0904  For:  Purchase of one (1) 2014 Peterbilt Refuse Truck with a McNeilus Rear Loader from Palm Peterbilt Truck Centers, Inc. utilizing the Florida Sheriff's Association. 
Contract #:  760-000-10-1 For:  One (1) 2014 New Holland Tractor from Growers Equipment Co. utiltizing the State of Florida Contract. 
Bid #:  RFP-4413-14-RD  For:  Financial Advisory Services
Bid #:  RFP-4410-14-RD  For:  Debt Collection Legal Counsel for Past Due Fees and Fines. 
Bid #:  F-4387-14-RD  For:  Supply of Street Light Luminaires, Lamps, Ballast Kits and Lighting Parts.
Bid #:  RFP-4382-14-JE  For:  Credit Card Enabled Single Space Meters. 
Bid #:  RFP-4414-14-RD  For:  Bond Underwriter. 
Bid #: F-4315-13-RD  For:  Fire and Burglar Alarm Monitoring and Maintenance
State of FL Contract #:  071-000-14-1  For:  Three 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD Service Body Vehicles from Rountree-Moore Chevrolet. 
Bid #:  F-4392-14-RD  For:  City-Wide Tree Trimming, Pruning, Removal and Stump Grinding. 
Bid #:  F-4397-14-RD  For:  Audio / Visual System Equipment Upgrade - City Hall -Rooms 215 & 219. 
Bid #:  F-4385-14-RD  For:  The Purchase of One Trailer Mounted Aaladin Model 45-830 Diesel Pressure Washer or approved equivalent. 
State Contract #: 071-000-14-1  For:  Three (3) 2014 Ford Escapes Compact SUV Vehicles. 
Bid #:  F-4415-14-RD  For:  The Supply of Asphaltic Type S-III Concrete Surface Course Mixture. 
Bid #:  F-4383-14-JE  For:  Lot Clearing and Tractor Mowing on Non-Maintained, Improved Properties and Vacant Lots Including Hard Junk Pick-up and Disposal. 
Bid #:  F-4358-13-JE  For:  Board-Up and Building Securing Services. 
Bid #:  RFP-4357-13-JE  For:  Development Of a Parking Master/Management Plan
Bid #:  F-4390-14-RD  For:  Pressure Cleaning Services. 
Bid #  13-21-0904  For:  Purchase of Twenty-Three (23) Chevy Caprice Police Patrol Vehicles, Model 1EW19-9C1, utilizing the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) bid number 13-21-0904 from Stingray Chevrolet.
Bid #:  13-21-0904 and 13-11-0904  For:  Purchase of Three(3) 2014 Toyota Prius II Hybrid Sedan from Alan Jay Fleet Sales utilizing the Florida Sheriff's Association Bid Numbers. 
Contract #:  4400000119  For:  Panasonic Laptops & Associated Technology Accessories-US. Communities Contract. 
Bid #:  F-4407-14-IS  For:  Demolition of Two (2) Single Famly residential structures located in Hollywood, Florida. 
Bid #:  RFP-4364-13-JE  For:  Park Road Redevelopment Site. 
Contract #:  440001839  For:  Automatic Licenses Plate Readers. 
Bid #:  F-4374-13-JE  For:  Parking Enforcement Paper and Ticketing Supplies. 
Bid #:  F-4391-13-JE  For:  Purchase of a Tetherless Patient Simulator. 
Bid #:  GSA-07F-0468V  For:  Covert Surveillance Vehicle. 
Bid #:  F-4395-14-RD  For:  Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services
Bid #:  F-4384-13-RD  For:  Electrical Maintenance and Repair Services. 
Contract#: 600-000-11-1  For:  High Volume Production Equipment for the Copy Center from Oce' North America a Canon Group Company. 
Bid #:  F-4369-13-RD  For:  Date Palm Pruning, Fertilization, and Pest, Fungus and Disease Control. 
Bid #:  F-4375-13-JE  For: Supply of Dry Polymer 
Bid #:  F-4379-13-RD  For:  Painting of the Hollywood Police Department Building 
Bid #:  F-4377-13-RD  For:  Supply of Natural Gas 
Bid #:  F-4372-13-IS  For:  Painting of the Hollywood Police Department Building 
Bid #:  F-4368-13-IS  For:  David Park Tennis Program and Facility Management
Bid #:  F-4353-13-IS For:  Waterways Master Plan 
Bid #:  F-4351-13-IS For:  Sponsorships 
Bid #: F-4345-12-IS  For:  Flexible Spending Account Administration 
Bid #: F-4341-12-RD  For:  License Plate Recognition System for Parking Enforcement. 
Bid #: RFQ-4332-12-JE  For:  Contractors for Housing Rehabilitation Program 
Bid #: F-4339-12-JE For: Self Priming Silent Pump 
Bid #:  F-4335-12-JE For: Submersible Pump & Motor
Bid #: RLI-4352-13-JE For: Unsafe Structure Board Attorney
Bid #: F-4283-11-RD For: Emergency Phone Installation.
Bid #: F-4271-11-JE For: Emergency Phone Installation. 
Bid #: F-4256-11-JE  For:  Emergency Phone Installation. 
Bid #: F-4340-12-RD For: Parking Guidance System for installation at Garfield Garage.

- Public Works Engineering & Architectural Services Division

Project #:  BCRA 14-003 For: Beach Maintenance Facility-Improvements 
Project #:  POL 14-005  For:  Hollywood Police Building Roof Replacement. 
Project #:  EN 14-001 For:  FY2014-Sidewalk Construction
Project #:  BCRA 12-020 For:  Construction Management at Risk Services Nevada Street Parking Garage. 
Project #:  PK 13-016  For:  Van Buren Parking Garage Lighting Replacement. 
Project #:  POL 13-013  For:  Hollywood Police Memorial. 
Bid  #:     PK13009                                  For:         Van Buren Parking Garage - Lighting Replacement.


Terminated - Public Utilities, Engineering & Construction Services Division

Bid #:  16-7078  For:  Gravity Sewer System Condition Assessment & Replacement (I/I) Program - Phase 2 - Excavated Point Repairs. 
Bid #:  15-7075  For:  Inflow / Infiltration (I/I) Program - Manhole Rapairs & Replacement. 
Bid #:  14-9522  For:  RAS Pump Station No. 2 Replacement. 
Bid #: 13-5119 For:  Water Main Replacement Program - Hollywood Boulevard to Sheridan Street from Federal Highway to the Intracoastal Waterway. 
Bid #: 14-8044F  For:  The Lift Station Conversion/Upgrade Program (A-10 & A-11). 
Bid #: 10-9414  For:  Grit Removal in Oxygenation Trains. 
Bid #: 12-9214 For: SRWWTP Headworks Rehabilitation and Replacement.



Terminated - Community Redevelopment Agency

Bid #:  RFP-0001-12-CRA  For:  Hollywood Beach Circulator 
Bid #: RFP-0001-11-CRA  For:  Concrete and Pavers  
Bid #: RFP-0002-CRA-12 For:

Trolley Technology Enhancement Services.

Bid #:  F-05-041  For:  Advertisement for Request for Qualifications to provide Architectural/Engineering Services for Project No.F-05-041 for the Hollywood Beach Public Safety Complex
(Fire Station #40).