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Open Government
The City of Hollywood is dedicated to enhancing public confidence in local government, conducting transparent and ethical day-to-day business, and providing residents and visitors with the opportunity for input and access to information.  

The links below provide instant access to important City web pages and documents, including lobbyist information, the annual budget, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), and City Commission meeting agendas and minutes, and much more.

Broward Office of Inspector General Report

The Broward Office of Inspector General has completed a preliminary report of the City's procurement of temporary employment services during fiscal years 2013 and 2014.  The City has until February 3, 2016 to submit a response to the report which will then be included in the final report.

Preliminary Report
Preliminary Report Exhibits

Annual Operating Budget

Hollywood's Annual Operating Budget contains information on the City's organizational structure, demographics, revenue sources, historical property tax rates and assessed values, and agency grant allocations, as well as budgeted expenses by each City Department. The budgets are broken down by the City's fiscal year (Oct. 1-Sept. 30).

The In Brief links are documents that provide highlights of the corresponding fiscal year's adopted budget. In Brief contains the most frequently requested information, including tables showing budgeted revenues and expenditures for each fund.  The City's Budget Division ceased creating In Brief documentation after 2013. 

City Commission Agendas and Minutes

View what will be and has been discussed during Hollywood City Commission meetings. 

Watch the Commission meetings live on the Internet.

Public Records
The City of Hollywood responds to public record requests in compliance with the Florida State Statute 119.

The most efficient way to request public records from the City of Hollywood is through the link below. This portal helps hte City effeciently administer and manage public records requests, and it provides the public with convenient 24-hour access to request and to receive public records requests.


City Commission Disclosure Documents

This searchable database will include documents that disclose Commissioner activities related to campaign fundraising for other candidates, charitable contribution fundraising and outside/concurrent employment.

City Commission Visitors List

Interested persons may access an online database that provides details of visitors received by City Commissioners and their staff. The Commission Visitor list is searchable by visitor name, date, and/or subject matter.


Registration as a lobbyist in the City of Hollywood is required if any person, firm, or corporation lobbying the City Commission on any petition or issue, pursuant to Section 30.15 of the Code of Ordinances. Learn more by clicking on one of the links below.

For additional information contact the City Clerk's Office at 954.921.3211

News Releases

An archive of media notifications and advisories from the City of Hollywood Office of Public Affairs & Marketing.

City Manager Weekly Reports

An overview of the City Manager's week and updates from City Departments and Offices on various programs and initiatives. The weekly report also includes information about construction projects and a schedule of upcoming neighborhood and civic association meetings.

City Manager Sustainable Prosperity Report

City Manager, Dr. Wazir Ishmael, has outlined for the City Commission his vision to put the City on a path to Sustainable Prosperity.

A Guide for New Residents

The City’s homeowner’s guide is a great resource for residents who are new to the City of Hollywood.  In it you will find important phone numbers and detailed information on activities and services offered to Hollywood residents.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 

Yearly assessments of the City of Hollywood’s financial state.

Code of Ordinances

An ordinance is a law passed by a municipal government.  The Code of Ordinances contains the laws enacted by the City Commission that govern Hollywood. 

Pension Funds

A year-by-year breakdown of the pension funds for City of Hollywood general employees, police and firefighters, as well as annual financial statements. 

      General Employees Pension Fund

      Financial Statements

     Police Officers' Retirement System

      Police Financial Statements 

     Firefighters' Pension Fund

      Firefighter Financial Statements

Records and Archives

Photographic and documentary history of Hollywood, as well as City records.