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Home Ownership Purchase Assistance (HOPA)
Welcome and thank you for your interest in the City of Hollywood’s Home Ownership Purchase Assistance Program.

The goal of the Home Ownership Assistance Program (HOPA) is to increase home ownership opportunities, improve the condition of existing housing units, and encourage new housing construction when feasible.  The program sees to promote home ownership through closing cost and down payment assistance.  Further, the program enables the City to leverage public and private funding sources in order to encourage and promote affordable housing.

Applicant Eligibility

Applicants must meet the City's income eligibility requirements as established by the federal and/or State guidelines as follows:



















1.  Applicants must complete an eight hour HUD certified Home Buyers Education workshop. Certificates must be dated within one year of application and must be provided by the borrower and co-borrower to the City.

2.  Applicant may not be anticipating or involved in any bankruptcy during the homeownership assistance process.

3.  Prior to the Income Certification Process, applicants for subsidy assistance must show proof of the greater of 3% or $2,500.00 contributed from their funds towards the purchase, with the exception of Habitat for Humanity Buyers for whom sweat equity may be accepted as a portion of the greater of 3% participant contribution or $2,500.

4.  Applicant(s) must not have owned a home within the previous three (3) years according to the HUD definition of “First Time Home Buyer” as defined in 24 CFR Part 92 entitled “Definitions”. 

Property Eligibility

1.  Properties purchased with City assistance must be located within the corporate city limits of Hollywood and be occupied as a primary residence.

2.  Single family homes, town homes, and condominiums are eligible property types.   Vacant lots are eligible for new construction.

3.  The purchase price cannot exceed the maximum funding source limits for existing or new construction projects.  This number may be adjusted annually reflecting the requirements published by the funding source.

4.  The property to be purchased shall be subject to a home inspection in accordance with the Florida Building Code plus those additional requirements identified in the City of Hollywood’s Code of Ordinances and other requirements identified by the Department of Community and Economic Development.

5.  This policy shall allow for the purchase of properties that are under the control and ownership of a Community Land Trust as defined in Florida Statutes 193.017. The Director of Community and Economic Development, or his/her designee, shall have the ability to review and apply all reasonable allowances eligible by the funding source necessary to allow the flexibility needed for such a purchase. 

Should you have additional questions regarding the HOPA Program, please contact Donna Biederman, Community Development Coordinator  at 954.921.3381 or via her e-mail .  

Please visit for approved housing counseling agencies.