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Parking Meters
Meters are used to manage on-street parking to encourage the turnover of spaces for customers. The City’s parking meters are in operation Sunday through Saturday, 24 hours/ 7 days a week. In some instances the customer may interact with a meter that is not working properly. To report this meter, call 954-253-9072 or use Help Me Hollywood to voice your concerns.

Multi Space Master Meters

The multi space meter accepts United States coins (with the exception of pennies), as well as debit/credit cards. Coins from other nations will not be accepted.

  1. Press any button to start the meter
  2. Insert payment based on time required.
  3. Press the check mark button to confirm.
  4. The pay station will print out a receipt showing the amount paid, the expiration time and the date.
  5. Place the receipt face up on the dash board

Master Meter - Copy.jpg

Single Space Meters

Single space meters only accept coins (nickels, dimes and quarters) for payment. To ensure proper use of these meters, motorists should follow these instructions:

  1. Feed coins into your meter based on the length of time you plan on being parked

Single Space meter.jpg