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Hollywood Police Department

For Emergencies Dial 911
For Non-Emergency Calls: 954.764.HELP954.764.HELP(4357)

Message from the Chief

Safety Tips for Going Out of Town/Residential Safety/Extra
Watch Order Requests

Summer is the time of year when residents enjoy vacationing.
The Hollywood Police Department offers “Extra Patrol” for
when you go out of town or need police officers to swing by your residence/residential area and perform a check to make sure
everything is in order.  This is in addition to their regular patrol
of your neighborhood.  

Some safety tips for you prior to going out of town:

- Ask a friend/neighbor to watch your residence.  Make sure
they have your contact information and a copy of your itinerary
in case of emergencies.

- Don’t tip off criminal on the Web.  Posting where you will
be going on social media sites gives criminals the information
your house and belongings may be unattended while you are
away.  Also, be careful what you say on your voicemail or
answering machine.  Callers do not need to know that you are
not home – they only need to know you can’t come to the
phone right now.

- Let the Police Department know you will be away. 
(Call the Patrol Office 954-967-4500 and ask for a
“Watch Order” to be placed on your residence.)

- Curtains Closed or open?  Closed curtains prevent people
from peering inside your home to see if you’re there, however
closed curtains also stop those who aim to help.  Your best bet
would be to leave your curtains exactly as you usually keep them when your home, but move important and valuable items away
from view.  

- Use a light timer for your lights and schedule them to go
on at different times.  

- Stop your mail and your newspaper.  When a house has mail
and newspapers piling up in front of the house, it’s a sure sign the occupants of the home aren’t home and could signal to criminals
the home is not being attended to.

- Remove your spare key from outside/under the rug/in the mailbox/above the doorframe/in the planter.  It shouldn’t be
there and it also allows criminals the opportunity to enter your residence freely and without any evidence of a burglary occurring.

In addition to these Safety Tips, we also have Crime Prevention Specialists available to assist you in making your residence or business safer.  Please contact the Office of Public Affairs for
more information at (954) 967-4371.

Safety Prevention when Fumigating (Tenting) your Home or Business

Termites and other creatures tend to become more active in
warmer temperatures.  Living in South Florida, tenting your home
is a year-round event.  

When you do tent your home, criminals may see this as an
opportunity to burglarize your residence.  We at the Hollywood
Police Department monitor residences being tented but here are
some things you can do to help yourself and us:

- Request a “Watch Order” from the Hollywood Police Department.

- You may want to consider hiring a security company to walk around the area and have a security vehicle in front of your residence.  

- Remove all valuables, including cash, jewelry and documents that could be used for identity theft, from the home

- Notify neighbors to be alert and report suspicious activity

- Check on the home yourself, at different times

- Notify local police and ask if they will do occasional patrol checks while the house is tented

- Take any keys of your cars, home and other places with you

National Night Out – August 2, 2016

 is almost here! 

Join us on Tuesday, August 2 (5 p.m. - 9 p.m.) for the annual event which promotes community-building, police-community partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie. 

It's a great family event with food, music, K-9 Unit and Motor demonstrations, SWAT vehicle, McGruff the Crime Dog, and more!

For more information on hosting a party in your neighborhood for #NationalNightOut, contact the Public Affairs Unit at (954) 967-4371.

For more information about National Night Out, please visit their Facebook page:

Tomas Sanchez
Chief of Police


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Police Chief Sanchez
Tomas Sanchez
Chief of Police

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