Recycling and Disposal Directory

Please Note:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Broward County Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Collections (HHW) is only taking place at the three (3) Residential Drop Off Centers until further notice. The County has made additional operational changes including: 

• HHW will be operating under abbreviated hours every Saturday from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm until further notice.

• At this time the County will NOT be accepting Bulk Trash or Yard Waste at any of the three RDOCs until further notice. 

• Resident’s will be required to follow CDC guidelines for social distancing and other safety measures which will be communicated through posted signage located throughout the Centers.


This guide is to help City of Hollywood residents determine how to dispose of items that are no longer needed. The list includes items that can not be recycled or disposed of through regular garbage or recycling collection. Improperly disposing of your waste could result in a code violation, pursuant to the Municipal Ordinance. Prevent illegal dumping and/or littering and look for ways to safely and properly dispose of your items. Keep in in mind, the best way to handle waste is by trying to avoid creating it and/or by giving your items a new life. You can try to buy just what you need and/or favor items with less packaging. 

Household Hazardous Waste: Cleaning Products, Paint, Tires, Auto Batteries, etc.

Electronics: Computers, Phones, Batteries Cables, Printers, Tablets

paint (Small)

 All hazardous products must include a label that has the word "poison", "toxic", "warning", "danger and caution"

Broward County's Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off
Every Saturday, 9am-3pm at 5601 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd, West Park, FL. Proof of residency in the City of Hollywood is required. For a full list of accepted materials and more information, click the link above.

Earth911's Recycling Directory
Several retailers such as AutoZone, Walmart, Batteries Plus accept various types of hazardous waste like auto batteries, light bulbs, paints etc. Visit Earth911’s Recycling Directory for more details.

Plastics Bags, Films, and Wraps

Group of plastic bags for disposal

Dispose of your unwanted plastic bags, films, and wraps at participating retailers. Plastic bags cannot be recycled with other materials because it is difficult to separate them out. They can get stuck in the machines, leading to costly repairs 

Earth911's Recycling Directory
 You can recycle your plastic bags, wraps, and films at most Publix Supermarkets. To find what materials your local Publix accepts you can search “plastic bags” with your zip code on Earth911’s Recycling Directory.

Construction Materials and Debris: Concrete, Lumber, etc.

Pile of wood curbside

You have several options dispose of your residential construction materials/debris.

Broward County Residential Drop-Off Programs
You can drop off your lumber and woody materials every Saturday, 9am-3pm at 5601 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd, West Park, FL. Proof of residency in the City of Hollywood is required. For a full list of accepted materials and more information, click the link above or call 954-765-4999.

Disposing Other Construction Materials
If you hired a contractor, work with them to properly dispose your materials. Residents wishing to dispose of rocks, dirt and construction debris can bring these materials to the Broward County Landfill, 7101 SW 205 Avenue. There is a fee to dispose of these materials. Call 954.765.4999 for directions and fees. Explosives, hazardous waste and radioactive material are not accepted. 

Pile of electronics for disposal

Broward County's Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off
Broward County Electronics Drop-Off Sites
Every Saturday, 9am-3pm at 5601 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd, West Park, FL. Proof of residency in the City of Hollywood is required. For a full list of accepted materials and more information, click the link above.

Goodwill’s Dell Reconnect Recycling Program

Goodwill and Dell partnered up to accept your computer donations. For more information click on the link above or contact your local Goodwill.

Medical Waste: Medication, Needles


Safely and easily dispose of your medical waste with the following County and State programs.

Broward Sheriff's Office Operation Medicine Cabinet
Bring your unused, unwanted, or expired medications for safe disposal with your proof of residency in Broward County. Come early to get a $5 gift card while supplies last. For more information contact the Broward Sheriff’s office at 954-831-8902 or click the link above.

Florida Department of Health in Broward County's Needle Collection Program
Needle-collection programs allows you to dispose of needles, syringes with needles, and lancets that have  been used at home to treat allergies,  acute illness, or chronic disease such as diabetes. Pharmacy drop off locations in Broward County can be found at the bottom of the page of the link above. 

Plastics Toys, Books, and Clothes

plastic toys small

Are you cleaning out house, moving, or simply looking to de-clutter your house? This is a great opportunity to give your gently used toys, clothes, and/or books a second life.

Give Back to Your Community and Donate  
There are several charities and thrift stores you can donate your items for a tax deduction. You can contact Salvation ArmyFaith Farm MinistriesGoodwill Stores, or other local thrift stores for more information. You can also search the American Council Textile Recycling’s Directory  for more clothing donation options.

Pet Waste and Deceased Animals

Food Waste

pets Small
42.4_kg_of_food_found_in_New_Zealand_household_rubbish_bins (1)

Be ready to properly dispose of your pet waste by carrying biodegradable plastic bags or a scooper to collect it. You can throw the bags away in your garbage bags. Encourage other pet owners to clean up after their pets.Your pet waste has bacteria, which can pollute our waterways and potentially harm humans. 

Contact Public Works at 954-967-4320 to report any deceased animals in the roadway of swales. 

Goodwill Car Donations: Car, Boat, RV, Golf Cart, etc.

Composting your food waste can be a great way to get top quality organic material that can be added to your plants soil. Food waste makes up 20%-30% of what  we send to the landfill.

For more information about how to compost your food waste in your backyard or in your kitchen, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s Compost at Home Guide

Goodwill Car Donations 

Goodwill Car Donations accepts many types of running and non-running vehicles. Donations are tax-deductible and scheduled pickup or towing is available. For more information contact Goodwill Car Donations at 1-866-233-8586 or click on the link above.