Dumpster Enclosure Requirements

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In 1935 the Dempster Brothers patented a front-loading garbage truck system to mechanically load the contents of a standardized container onto garbage trucks. The containers were called "Dumpsters", a play on the company's name. The popularity of the large containers has kept pace with the growing population and can be seen at any commercial or multi-family property. While dumpsters serve a practical purpose in our community, they tend to be unsightly in a neighborhood setting.

To improve the appearance and cleanliness of the entire City, on April 19, 2017, the City Commission approved changes to the Code (50.02) requiring dumpster enclosures for all commercial and multi-family properties with 3 or more units (since 2002 enclosures have been required for properties located downtown and on Hollywood beach). While there are some exceptions, commercial and multi-family properties throughout the City will be required to have enclosures around their dumpsters by September 1, 2018.

Enclosure and Dumpster Requirements

The following enclosure and dumpster requirements shall be met by all properties as described below: 
  • Enclosures are required City-wide, even when the dumpster is located adjacent to a service alley.
  • Placement of dumpsters and enclosures shall be planned and constructed in a manner that allows unobstructed access to each dumpster and the unobstructed opening of the gates during the emptying process.
  • Dumpsters shall not be located in such a manner that the service vehicle will block any street intersection.
  • When adjacent to residentially zoned properties, enclosures shall be placed as far as possible from the abutting residential property line.
  • Enclosures with gates that swing out from the dumpster shall be set back from the property line at least the distance equal to the width of the gate.
  • Enclosure gates shall be closed at all times except for the time necessary to service the dumpster.
  • All enclosures shall have service access gates.

Service access gates shall:

  • Be constructed with a sturdy metal frame and hinges.
  • Have hinge assemblies that are strong and durable so gates function properly and do not sag.
  • Have opaque, non-see-through material.
  • Be attached to a post and not connected to the enclosure.
  • Have gate stops and latches that are functional in the full open and closed positions.
  • Be of a size that will permit servicing of the dumpster.
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Dumpster Enclosure 2

Construction Requirements

  • A building permit is required prior to constructing or installing an enclosure. PERMIT COST ESTIMATOR
  • Enclosures can be constructed of wood lumber, plastic lumber, masonry or concrete.
  • Enclosure height shall be 12 inches or greater than the highest part of the dumpster.
  • Enclosures must be placed on a hardened paving surface. 
  • If new pavement or concrete slab over 250 square feet is required, plans must be approved by Broward County Planning and Development Management Division prior to applying to the City. They can be reached at 954.357.6666.   
  • Enclosure gates must be opaque (not see through) material.  
  • Enclosure gates cannot swing over the property lines or into the public right-of-way. 
  • It is encouraged, but not required, for multi-family property enclosures to have a separate pedestrian gate for ease of access.

Special Exceptions

  • Enclosures are not required for dumpsters that are stored on the property and are not visible off-site.  
  • Enclosures are not required for wheeled refuse carts of less than one cubic yard in size.
  • Property owners with demonstrated insufficient space for an enclosure may apply for an alternative screening method, such as decorative veneer, landscaping or other instead of an enclosure construction.  Approval of an alternative screening method is contingent on the dumpster being positioned/screened so that it is not an aesthetic detriment to the community.
Dumpster Enclosure 1

Dumpster Enclosure Reference Plans

In an effort to assist property owners with the design of your enclosure, the City has created standardized architectural drawings for dumpster enclosures which are free and available for download.
Dumpster Enclosure Drawing
Dumpster Enclosure Drawing 2

Applying For A Permit

To assist with the permitting process, the Building Division has created a Sample Permit Packet. The sample packet is available for download and can be used as a guide while applying for the enclosure construction permit. 


List of Requirements

One copy:

1. Building Permit Application

2. Letter of Transmittal

Two copies:

3. Property Survey: Clearly showing, including but not limited to, proposed dumpster location, setback  from property lines, location of gate openings (including swing), dimension(s) of enclosure (length  and width), material, height, landscape

4. Wood or chain-link fencing is code prescriptive to six feet, PVC or metal fencing will require a product  approval and all other design’s, including concrete, will require Architectural Construction Plans

5. Notice of Commencement (if over $2,500 construction value)

 You can find the needed applications and forms required for your construction project on the Building Division webpage. Applications and forms must be submitted to the Building Division prior to start of your construction project. 


Completed applications may be submitted to the Building Division via email , in person or by mail:

City of Hollywood

Development Services

Building Division

2600 Hollywood Blvd. Room 320

Hollywood, Florida 33022

Contact Information

Building Division: 954.921.3335
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Code Compliance: 954.921.3061
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City of Hollywood Environmental Services: 954.967.4526
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