Street Lighting Retrofit Project

LED Street Light Retrofit Project
Florida Power and Light has begun their Street Lighting Retrofit Project in the City of Hollywood. A comprehensive update on the status of the project, along with a link to an interactive map shows the status of the LED street light retrofit by location within the City, locations that have been completed and the areas that are scheduled next completed. The update included the conversion of FPL-owned street lights to LED, the potential conversion of City-owned street lights to LED and transference to FPL ownership/maintenance.  

Project Update

  • There are 58 separate phases of this retrofit project
  • 5,788 street lights will be converted from High-Pressure Sodium Vapor (HPSV) to Light-Emitting Diode (LED).
  • 1,300 LED street lighting retrofits have been completed.
  • 500 LED street lighting retrofits are currently underway.
  • 3,988 LED street lighting retrofits remain.
  • FPL is performing the retrofits for whichever phase the materials arrive for, as their engineering process has prescribed detailed specifications per street light.

Click the image of the interactive map below

FPL Street Light Map

Streetlight Project Status Map (updated bi-weekly)

This map provides an overview of the following:
  • Locations of LED street lighting retrofits completed
  • Locations of LED street lighting retrofits in process
  • Locations of LED street lighting retrofits remaining to be addressed.
The map also provides three separate methods to view the project progress:
  • The default page indicates the following color-coded information, as separated by City Commission Districts
  • LED retrofits in progress
  • LED retrofits not yet started
  • LED retrofits completed
By clicking on the “stacked paper” icon, there are three options to view still more detail:

FPL LED Retrofit (Current Status)
  • By checking this box, the overall status of the project (Phases Completed/In Progress/Not Started) is represented Citywide, as separated into City Commission Districts
  • This box provides the detailed view to illustrate graphically the three different statuses-of-completion (which is also represented at the bottom left and bottom center of the webpage)
FPL LED Retrofit (Phase)
  •  “Unclick” the box for FPL LED Retrofit (Current Status)
  • By checking this box, the specific number of street lights contained within a Commission District will be graphically illustrated.
  • Each differently colored “dot” represents a specific street light, and also represents the specific phase the LED retrofit is targeted for completion.
  • By using the mouse to place the arrow over any of the colored “dots” within a Commission District, a dropdown menu will provide greater detail about that specific streetlight.  
  • This information includes:
  • Address of street light
  • GIS information
  • Type of HPSV fixture
  • Type of LED fixture (the replacement fixture)
  • The specific phase the retrofit will be addressed
  • Status of the retrofit
  • Commission District
  • Name of Commissioner
FPL LED Retrofit (by Commission District)
  • “Unclick” the box for FPL LED Retrofit (Phase)
  • By checking the box for FPL LED Retrofit (By Commission District), there is a detailed view to illustrate graphically the three different statuses-of-completion within a specific City Commission District.
  • Commission Districts 
  • By checking this box, the boundary lines for the Commission Districts will always be represented by on the grid map by a solid blue line
LED street light
LED retrofits for City-owned street lights/evaluation of proposed transfer of ownership from the City to FPL: 
  • The City of Hollywood is the first municipality FPL is working with on this initiative.
  • While still in the very early stages, FPL has been provided all requested information regarding City-owned poles (i.e. GIS locations, type(s) of pole, timer/photocell)
  • In coordination with the City, FPL is performing site visits for the City-owned street lights to validate which ones will qualify for this tariff.
  • So far, FPL has reviewed approximately 300 street lights.
  • There are approximately 3,200 lights to be reviewed to complete this study by FPL.

For additional information regarding the LED Street Lighting Retrofit Project, please call the Gregory Gibson, Assistant Director of Department of Public Works at 954.967.4526.