Beach Wedding Permitting

Thank you for your interest in hosting a wedding ceremony on Hollywood Beach in the City of Hollywood.

Due to limited availability of space to host an occasion such as a beach wedding on Hollywood Beach, location requests are granted only in the sandy beach areas North of Sheridan Street until the city limits, and South of Hollywood Boulevard until the city limits. Exceptions can be made for beach weddings whose receptions occur at establishments that fall outside of the aforementioned areas.

A Beach Wedding Permit is for the reservation of an area on the sandy beach of Hollywood Beach on a particular day, date, time and location. Reservations are for daylight hours only. The applicant is responsible for the set up and removal of all equipment and decorations in conjunction with the occasion. The City of Hollywood Special Events Division does not provide any equipment rentals services for permitted beach weddings.

The application fee is as follows:

$256.00 ($239.25 + $16.75 tax) More than 60 days prior to event date
$369.95 ($345.75 + $24.20 tax) Less than 60 days prior to event date

Please take the time to read the following procedure to successfully obtain a Beach Wedding Permit.

  1. Contact the City of Hollywood Special Events Division at 954.921.3404 to check availability of dates and locations.
  2. Applicants must complete the Beach Wedding Permit Application Form
  3. Upon submission of the Beach Wedding Permit Application Form, your application will be reviewed by a member of the Special Events Division.
  4. If the submitted application is complete and all information has been adequately obtained, the Special Events Division will request the submission of a non-refundable application fee to move your application forward for processing.
  5. Upon receipt of the application fee, additional documentation may be requested by the Special Events Division.
  6. A final Beach Wedding Permit will be only be issued once all requested documents have been received and approved.

To proceed with the BEACH WEDDING PERMIT application process please CLICK HERE