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Broward County Public High Schools
Hallandale High School
Grade 9-12
Hollywood Hills High School
Grade 9-12

Principal’s Message: Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year at Hollywood Hills High School! We are so excited to have all of our students and families back to campus for an amazing year of academics, athletics and activities! No school can truly be successful without a strong partnership between the classroom and the home. I encourage you to stay involved in your child's education by regularly talking with them about what they are learning in their classes. If you ever have any questions, please reach out to their teacher or school counselor. When we work together, every student can succeed! Go Spartans! - Daniel Most, Principal

School Narrative: At Hills, we believe that all students deserve a high-quality education in a safe and supportive environment where the teachers, staff, students, and parents are partners in the growth and development of all learners. We are committed to providing a rigorous and engaging curriculum to develop responsible, college and career-ready young adults, with strong critical thinking and academic skills, who have respect for the diverse and rich cultures that make up our society. This goal would not be possible without the dedicated and amazing staff at Hills. From teachers and support staff to clerical, custodial, security and more, it takes a village to make a difference and I am extremely proud to be the leader of a team that takes the education of our Spartans personally. This group of hard-working individuals comes together as a family to support each other and to go above and beyond to help ensure the success of all students.

McArthur High School
Grade 9-12

Principal’s Message: It is with great enthusiasm that I welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year. It is an absolute honor and privilege to continue to serve as the Principal for this great community of McArthur High School. I look forward to building on the success established, challenges overcame, and the great things in store for this community. McArthur is known for its rich history, lasting traditions, and the Mustang pride we carry proudly. I am excited to collaborate with such an involved community, parents, and stakeholders to provide our scholars the very best high school educational experience.

Our mission can only be accomplished if we develop strong positive relationships with our scholars, bonded partnerships with our local businesses, and all stakeholders within the community. Together we must charge forward, with a theme this year of “One Family, Better Together”. - Mr. Alfred L. Broomfield III

School Narrative: As we begin the 2021-2022 school year, we will renew our focus on, and commitment to providing our scholars’ real-world 21st-century learning experiences. Working to provide our scholar’s rigorous college preparatory strategies that prepare our students for college; as well as experiential learning opportunities for life & career readiness. We will focus our efforts on strengthening our school’s culture through care, support, and engagement. Caring for our scholar’s needs, our parent’s needs, and our entire community. Relentless efforts to support our families, teachers, and staff members; while providing limitless intentions to engage our faculty, staff and scholars.
Our staff has worked extremely hard preparing curriculums; and the campus environment for an exciting year of teaching and learning. We continue to be excited about our rapidly growing Cambridge Program. Cambridge offers a well-rounded and rigorous college-level curriculum for any scholar accepted in the program. Successful Cambridge students can receive an International AICE diploma. This diploma enables scholars to earn up to two years of college credit and automatically receive the highest level of Bright Futures scholarship in the State of Florida. That equates to full tuition, books, and an additional stipend at any four-year Florida University including the University of Florida and Florida State University.

This is a year that promises to be more positive, more exciting, and much more engaging for all, as we are “One Family, Better Together”.

South Broward High School
Grade 9-12

Principal’s Message: Greetings South Broward Family, as the proud principal of South Broward High School, I am so excited to welcome to the 2021-2022 school year where we will focus on our vision that ALL students will be able to read, write, listen, speak and think critically for college, career and life.

We look forward to the collective healing and bonding this return to in person learning will afford us. 

While the 2021-2022 school year was one for the books, I am so proud to have been a part of our school community during the height of the pandemic! Our students, staff, parents, and community did an outstanding job keeping each other safe and ending the school year strong with many successes. 

At South Broward, we are passionate about identifying and removing barriers in our educational and social practices that may limit opportunities for our students. It is imperative ALL our students feel wanted, included, and empowered to positively impact their lives and the lives around them. 

South Broward's staff is committed to the success of each and every Bulldog as we begin the school year with academic rigor centered around high standards, coupled with an intentional focus on social and emotional learning and growth for all students. 

This is a year of healing, reconnecting and growing together so that ALL students will be able to read, write, listen, speak and think critically for college, career and beyond. YES! WE CAN! We are…#SOUTHBROWARD! - Patty Brown, Principal

Public Combination Schools

Public Combination Schools
The Quest Center
Head Start, Pre-K - 12

Charter Combination Schools

Charter Combination Schools
Avant Garde Academy of Broward
K - 12
Championship Academy of Distinction
K - 12
International School of Broward
Grade 6-12