Police Officers' Pension Board


The Police Pension Board's purpose is to administer the Police Pension Fund for the welfare and benefit of all Hollywood Police Officers.

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Reporting Requirements


Email Addresses
Term Expires
Christopher Boyd (Police Off.) cboyd@hollywoodfl.org 03/2021
Paul Laskowski (Police Off.) plaskowski@hollywoodfl.org 03/2020
Cathleen Marano (Police Off.) cmarano@hollywoodfl.org 03/2020
Van Szeto (Police Off.) vszeto@hollywoodfl.org 03/2021
David Strauss (Police Off.) (chair) dstrauss@hollywoodfl.org 03/2021
Ronald Wise (Mayor Appt.) ron@themrwgroup.com No Term
Richard Brickman (Comm. Appt) dick@bcpba.org 06/30/2020

Steve Cypen, Board Attorney
Dave Williams, Administrator, Police Dept, Staff Liaison, 954.967.4395, 954.877.1819 beeper; Law Firm of Klausner, Kaufman, Jensen and Levinson, Board Attorney. There are zero positions vacant.