Information Technology


To provide high-quality and innovative technology solutions and services to City agencies, citizens and those doing business with the City.

Responsibilities & Services

The Department of Information Technology provides comprehensive technology services and support to all City agencies. This includes maintaining and supporting a fiber optic network connecting over forty (40) City facilities, supporting the City’s data and voice environment, providing support for approximately 2,000 computers, 1,200 telephones, 1,000 radios and 1,000 mobile devices, maintaining the City’s email system, providing systems analysis and design, applications development and support, and radio system support to all local government and public safety users. The Department of Information Technology is comprised of the Administration, Service Desk, Network and Server Operations, and the Systems and Programs divisions.


The Administration Division oversees the City’s information technology programs and functions. The Administration Division is responsible for setting the direction of all information services City-wide. The Division ensures Departmental compliance with adopted standards and procedures. Oversight responsibility includes all information technology programs, as well as any program of a City Department or Office related to information technology

Network and Server Operations:

The Network and and Server Operations Division handles special projects and manages and maintains the City’s voice and data network infrastructure, including server and data center infrastructure. In addition, the Division provides access and support for email, calendaring, scheduling, file sharing, network printing, and enterprise backup and recovery. It also provides anti-virus/spam/malware/phishing protection and network security. The Division ensures compliance with City policies related to technology acquisitions and use.

Systems and Programs:

The Systems and Programs Division is responsible for the selection, development, implementation, and maintenance of client/server, Internet (web enabled), GIS, and PC-based applications that support City services. Systems and Programs is involved in the identification of user needs, review of technical products and services, and custom development or selection of appropriate software applications. The Division then follows through to acquire and implement the applications, and provides ongoing, responsive user support. Currently, approximately 100 application systems are supported by Systems and Programs.

Service Desk:

The Service Desk Division consists of managing, supporting, and maintaining the City’s PCs, laptops, and related peripherals. The Division handles all employee service requests – in person, via call center, and electronically, and distributes mobile telecommunication devices such as radios, smartphones, and tablets to City staff.