Employment Info


Choosing a career in the fire service can prove to be one of the most personally satisfying choices one can make. Firefighting is not just another job; it is an opportunity that offers a challenging, demanding and rewarding career for men and women.

Hollywood Fire Rescue & Beach Safety is an ISO rated Class 1 department that includes six fire stations and more than 200 personnel who come from various cultural and educational backgrounds.

Firefighter & Specialty Areas

In addition to firefighting and emergency medical response, Hollywood firefighters also have the opportunity to participate in a variety of specialty areas including hazardous materials, technical rescue, dive rescue and fire investigation and prevention.


The Beach Safety Division is dedicated to providing a safe environment for the thousands of people who utilize Hollywood beach every year. Beach Safety employees are highly trained professional lifeguards who maintain top physical conditioning and advanced skills in medical lifesaving techniques.

Hollywood Fire Rescue and Beach Safety is committed to finding a diverse group of men and women who are ready, willing and able to respond to the needs of the City. We are looking for employees who are dedicated to ensuring the safety of the City of Hollywood’s residents and visitors.