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Debroah Levy

​"The Spell of Subtlety"​

Exhibition by​
Deborah Levy​

Now until January 9, 2018

About the Exhibition


To stop at the work of Deborah Levy is to discover the spell of subtlety. A subtle spell that leads us to think and smile with placidity. Her women seen from the back, with their vaporous gauze clothes that show off roundness. Women without a face Vital women, women who know how to cry, laugh, dream, live. Romantic women, no age determined. Like exiting unexpectedly of a story or a dream. Like those dreams without time, or those stories without hours or end. 

We like the elements that let imagination play, those that some call magic. And in the subtlety of these works the racial origins of the artist are combined, her childhood seasoned with the iconography of the East: Istanbul, with her Topkapi, her Caliphs, Hagia Sophia with her opulence, also with her dreamlike bazaars. Then, the cold of Europe and finally, the warmth of the Venezuelan tropics, which have enriched her imagination and sensitivity.

To walk visually through her work, is to find a style of her own, with personality, with strength, but above all: sensitivity. It is a well finished work, of meticulous execution, that rejoices in the most tiny details and enjoys them.

Deborah Levy, knows herself a good draftsman and plays with the stroke, with the line, her firm, sure, almost architect’s line, which becomes sensual when she recreates in the forms of the female body. She rejoices in each fold of the garments and integrates it to the figure that does not want for any reason to show their identity. Mysterious, dual identity is none other than her own Alter Ego, shy and most of the time, capricious.


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Admission is free

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