Sexual Predators & Offenders

The City of Hollywood Police Department is taking sexual predator notification and follow-up very seriously. If a Sexual Predator or Offender moves into the City of Hollywood, they will be contacted by a Hollywood Police Detective immediately, and routine follow-up visits will be conducted by our Neighborhood Team Leaders (the Police Officers that are assigned to specific neighborhoods throughout the city). The Hollywood Police Department maintains contact with the Sexual Predators and Offenders as long as they reside within the City limits.

The City of Hollywood has enacted a City Ordinance that restricts the areas where registered sexual offenders may live. Click here to view the new Ordinance: Sexual Offender Ordinance

To view further information regarding predators or offenders in our city, please click on the:
Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Predator and Offender Database.

The Florida offender Alert System sends e-mail alerts when a registered sex offender moves into your neighborhood! Florida Offender Alert System

If you are aware of a Sexual Predator or Offender that is residing within the City of Hollywood but has not registered their new address, or if you have knowledge of a Sexual Predator or Offender that has moved out of Hollywood without notifying the Department, please contact us immediately at 954.967.4411. The Hollywood Police Investigative Services Section will conduct an immediate follow-up investigation to locate and/or file criminal charges against the person. Anyone giving the Department information will remain anonymous.